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Let’s just say having eight dogs can be a handful, but spending time with these pups makes it all worth it.

I breed purebred labrador retrievers. At my kennel my dogs range from four months to three years old, and a lot of them are still puppies or young dogs.

In raising puppies, they become like your children. They think of you as mom, and it creates this bond that is unlike anything else.

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The thing about labs is that they will do anything to be by your side. And that’s really all they want, is your company and love. It’s no wonder dogs have been man’s (and woman’s) best friend for as long as we can remember.

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When I'm not cooking up a storm, I spend most of my time at the kennel with these dogs, so I wanted to share some of it with you guys. Between taking them all out for walks, training them, feeding them and cleaning up, I don’t have much time for anything else, haha.

Here’ s my first vlog about the puppies:

I mentioned their eye colour in the vlog and then forgot to explain what Finn's eyes will look like when he's older, haha. So his eyes are blue now but when he matures they will turn to an amber colour similar to Dakota's eyes.

What to expect when you get a labrador puppy

You can see two of my older dogs in this video. They’re black female labs. Notice the difference in energy between them and the puppies?

As puppies, they eat, sleep, play and repeat. All day long. And the playing takes up a large portion of that. So be prepared for going for long walks with them every few hours, even every hour at first. And you'll be glad you did, because the more they run around, the more they'll sleep.

Once labs hit about two years old, they become fully mature and they stop growing. At which point their energy level goes down, and they become a bit more calm and relaxed, without the constant need to run around and play.

IMG_0976 copy 8.jpg

On the other hand, labradors are called retrievers for a reason, and they have been hunting dogs and working dogs for many generations. Even when fully mature, they'd literally be physically capable of running around all day long if they had reason to. One of my black female labs whose three, will never stop if you throw her a ball or a stick. But the rest of the time she can be pretty relaxed.

This is all common knowledge if you're a labrador owner. But for those of you who don't have labradors, this should give you a sense of what to prepare for if you're thinking about adopting a labrador puppy. It's very rewarding raising labrador puppies. And at the same time it's good to be mentally prepared and know what you're getting yourself into.

It was another beautiful day in the country, ending with this stunning sunset

IMG_0848 copy.jpg

I'll continue to post about my labs to give you guys a sense of what to expect when getting a labrador puppy, and I'll cover some other topics such as potty training, general training and tricks, and what to feed them. And if you guys have any questions, feel free to let me know in the comments. I hope you enjoyed this vlog and I’ll continue to keep you posted.

Exciting news!

Oh and I’m going to have lots of excitement at the kennel in the coming weeks because I have a litter on the way. And two new additions to the family who will be coming home in less than two weeks. They’re silver labrador puppies, a rare colour of labrador, which I'll be talking about in my upcoming posts. So there's going to be lots happening around here, and I’ll keep you updated.

Much love,


All photos and video are mine and original. Shot on iPhone 7 Plus with basic processing done on photoshop.

For information about the dogs I breed visit my website torontolabradorpuppies.com

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For more about me check out my Introduceyourself

And you can also connect with me on Instagram

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Oh hi @natashahall, so glad to read back from you, been a couple of days that you did not post!
You have such an amazing passions with your dogs, that's lovely!
I can feel the attachment you got with them too!
btw i am planning to start a cooking contest named Steemit Iron Chef soon, i made a post announcement on it, would be great if you could check and let me know if you would be keen to form part of it! You cook such great food.
Have a lovely day!


Thanks so much for the lovely feedback @progressivechef! I would love to check it out :)

Oh gosh, I love this post. I've been yearning to get a dog for a while now... these puppies look so adorable!

I will probably get a dog from a rescue kennel rather than a puppy though. I just need to make sure we're completely ready to welcome a dog in, as we have 3 kids and 2 cats already. :)

Cheers, and followed! (Nothing to do with being tempted by your guilt free sweet recipes hee hee!)


Thank you@johleen! That's great! I always recommend visiting rescue shelters before buying a dog. You never know when you'll find the perfect dog that's already in need of a home. I've followed you too :) I enjoyed your video of the Devon countryside. My dad is from Luton, and I've really enjoyed my visits there and in London over the years. Cheers!


Awesome cheers! Huh - this is crazy... My dad is from Luton too!!!


Lol that's awesome! What are the odds :)



So do you really think Steemit is not a waste of time?
Please see my post in this regard at

I am delighted. Thank you for continuing to write.


Thanks for your support @dreamcatchers

I have always wanted a dog but have my hands full at the moment with my current pets. :) Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for taking the time to read my post @xredsoulless! It's so important to have the time for them, but when you do, they're really great dogs :)

Couldn't get the video to open alas. But your dogs are so cute! :) I love that pensive wistful look on their faces. :)


Oh no! Thanks for letting me know. Should be working now :) Thanks @throughmyeyes!

They are so cute! Though I'm more a cat person, looking at these amazing pups makes me consider taking one. Have a lovely day.


Thanks so much @amy-goodrich! I was a complete cat person (still am!) before I fell in love with labs ;)

Lovely dog. I heard labs are one of the more intelligent canine.


Thanks @ace108! Yep, that's right :)

Excellent post dear friend @natashahall very interesting.
Congratulations on your beautiful pets, I appreciate that you shared with us
I wish you a beautiful week


I really appreciate that @jlufer! Hope you have.a great week as well :)

very nice redish yellowish sunset...

I love Labs!! I've had a few and they were great!!
I'm looking forward to the silver lab posts!!
And the sunset photo is awesome!!


Yay another lab lover! Thanks @paradise-found :)


Labs are fantastic. They are so amazingly smart!! Love'em!!
I'll share some Lab stories some time.

Got my upvote and follow :) please support me as I am new and trying to thrive !! This is my article



Hey @stevenalexander! I've followed you too. You're a great singer, nice work :)

Am very happy to read again from you, it has been many days I did not see your lovely post!


Thanks @creativewoman! Appreciate your continued support :D

Hi @natashahall, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.


Thanks for the the mention and wonderful feedback @shadowspup! I also really like what you're doing with this series and I think that it's a great contribution to the platform. Followed :)


thank you for your kind words @natashahall. It all started with me wanting to justify the amount of time I spent reading on the platform :)


I think that's great, and I agree that it's a good use of your time spent reading :)

Thanks for your upvote and comment on my latest post... Also Followed and upvoted you.. support for the support.. let's be friends and rocks dear @natashahall.. 😊👍
Cheers 🍻🍺

I totally agree with you they are the part of the family. My dog Gabi the black one gave birth six puppies in my closet ;))) After 6 weeks two of them found nice houses. One week later the other one went to my best friend. Lately I stayed with 3 puppies. They were with me me more then one year. Finally I found the best family for them my mom and my husband's mom ;))) Perfect solution ;)) Now I have still my Gabi and her daughter Misia. Great post thank you for sharing ;))) Up

Here they are ;))



Awww they're adorable! What a lovely story @margaretwise! :)


Oh thank you my dear friend ;))) Glad you like it. My dogs say thank you too :)))

Excellent thoughts put out there which would be very helpful. :) Thanks for this @natashahall

We have a chocolate Lab at work. He's not much of a retriever, though. He loves to chase tennis balls but he takes them out in the grass and hides them, then they get hit with the mower. Those are some adorable pups!


Hahahaha that's hilarious! Thank you @countryinspired! :)

great post! it's lovely to see your enthusiasm for dogs, and you're doing a wonderful service.

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Wonderful post! Good to know all this. And loved the vlog, it was as if I was right there! The puppies are so beautiful!


Thank you! Glad you liked it :D

I enjoyed your post so much.. :)
I love PUPPIES a lot, the one of the blue eyes is so cute dear .. God bless them
Keep up sharing please..


Thanks so much @asmaasema!

Brilliant post as always natasha. Keep steeming.

You get my upvote resteem and follow, I absolutely love labs there my favourite breed, I lost my last lab at 7 due to a freak accident and have never gotten over it thank you for sharing.


Aw thank you @crazybgadventure! I'm sorry to hear that. I've followed you too :)

Great post , such adorable pups 🙂I have upvoted & followed

You and your puppy are both beautiful. Thank you for sharing the photos. :)

that's too bad that Finn's eyes will change color. those blues are stunning against the color of his coat!


Yeah totally :) Labrador puppies unfortunately only have blue eyes when they're puppies.

Great post! beautiful puppies too :D I upvoted and followed, can't wait to see more! keep up the good work.

You have many cute friend there @natashahall, it's cool


Thank you!

Beautiful dog friend, good post, I love pets, you have my vote a big greeting for you .. @joserc.vzla

They're eyes look magical. Beautiful dogs you have there.


Thanks so much!

Kind of an unusual combination of lab breeder and chef. They are truly beautuful dogs. Great post. Enjoyed learning about them. 🐓🐓


Haha yes. Thank you :)


Do you cook for your pups too? I know some people do. Thanks for stopping by. 🐓🐓


They definitely get a good share of our leftovers, haha, does that count? ;)

You are really a dog lover.... Keep it up and looking forward to your next article.