About myself, by the way


I would have to tell you about myself, I’m Nathaniel Tampus new member on this app. My hobby is to draw, I want do draw anywhere and I’d always want to live and live arts. I’m 16 years of age and probably 17 in the month of March day 21. I live here in Mandaue City, City of Cebu, Philippines. I joined this social networking app because I’m just a student, and I wanna have an extra income. My mother is just a factory worker and my father’s work is the same with my mother. They can’t provide all we need in school. We’re three siblings in family by the way, my older sister is now having a first year of college and I’m the second one in siblings, grade eleven student in Canduman National high school(public school). And my younger sister now is just a Day-care student, we have an age gap of twelve years. So I have found this social networking app as an opportunity to have an income. Please do appreciate my post and please support it. Thank you!

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