It takes a lil' Courage

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Not just a new user here but, a new mouth, eyes, nose, brain and heart that will post something. That means, whatever i see, smell, perceive, and feel, i surely will take a little courage to share these. I am not this type of being that will share myself cause i find it a bit scary to say something about my side. I most likely read, watch, listen, and understand—Ask my friends. Cause in that way, i feel like its shaping me to be me—to what will i believe. Whenever i listen, watch or read, i have to understand it with my own undersanding then feel it to gain what could be the moral lesson.

But then things happened. Theres this one moment happened that i needed someone to listen, and understand me. I needed someone for me to share all my ideas, learnings, and emotions. Because I realize I needed already to let things out because its now heavy. I wanted to heared, understood, and felt. Indeed it so hard to share my side because some might criticize. But one thing, atleast it nows ease my pain...i mean, emotions to include the positive emotions.

So, i would like as well to thank this program or socialmedia website or more like, a "cryptography" because it gives me a way to share my side. And im pretty sure its not just me who feels this thing, but thousands of people as well. so again, thank you.

To share my side is a new thing—and it takes a little courage. So i hope you'll hear me out. : )

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Hello! :) Thank you for showing great courage and joining our blockchain. And I'm sorry that no-one else has commented on your post yet. I'd guess it's because the tags used aren't very common.

Don't give up!

I've sent you a small delegation so you can interact a bit more around here. Keep that courage! I'm an observer mostly, also, and it took me a long time to start speaking around here. :) But I've since learnt not to fear Steem but embrace it.

Please keep posting! :D


woowww. thank you for the welcome... ♡ and for the encouragement 😇 .... So nice of you :)