The Mystery of the Tree Tree of Life

4년 전

CHAPTER 1 (one)
Sombolic trees appear universally in various traditions and religions since ancient periods, including art and architecture, literature and scripture, a symbol that has long been used by ancient priests to change the human mind to connect with the outside world. The physical properties of large woody plants explain some of the advantages among the other symbols. The tree is the greatest living thing on Earth, it also embodies the mystery of life about origin, growth, and death. Originally grown from small seeds, growing without clear food, growing branching when cut, dying in winter and spring.Norse-Yggdrasil-Shaki-Khans.jpg

From the perspective of scientific evolution, water is the original context of all worldly life. In the deepest layers of human memory is water, and the first amino acids blend in while in a thin organic soup. Imagine a tree, its roots sinking deep in the earth by the spring, impregnated with the tip of a leaf by giving life to the water, the blood of gods and the essence of creation.

All spiritual or material relations are directed to mankind, their relationship upward in harmony with the vertebrae perpendicular. Like trees and mountains, two very clear models depict the idea up vertically, a reflection of the mysterious 'Mundi Mundi Divine'.

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