Revealing the Mystery of Crystal Skulls

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In the history of the discovery of ancient artifacts, the crystal skull is one of the discoveries that leads to endless debates. Where did this crystal skull come from and what is the purpose of manufacture that really resembles the original human skull detail. It is said that this skull numbered 13 pieces and spread all over the world. Not only that one legend mentions that this skull can speak and sing.

The crystal skull (Crystal Skull) is a crystal-shaped skull with a shape just like a human skull. This crystal skull was first discovered in 1924 by an English explorer named Frederick Albert Mitchell-Hedges. While exploring with his team, he found a crystal skeleton in the Mayan ruins of civilization in Lubaantun, Honduras.

The crystal skull found by Mitchell-Hedges is made of transparent crystals resembling a real human skull. Not only resembles the original human skull, but the amazing thing is that this skull has the most accurate anatomical details of the skull. The skull is made of quartz crystalline stone and weighs 5.4 kg; with a length of 18cm; width 13 cm; and height about 13 cm. Currently the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull is preserved in the British Museum, London, England.

It turned out that in addition to the crystal skull Mitchell Hedges, also found other crystal skulls in various places around the world. The crystal skulls are Darth Vader, The Jesuit, E.T, Mansur, Oceana, Magnificent Fire, Clouds, Baby Luv, and Shui Ting Er. The skulls of the crystals attracted them with different shapes, weights, and colors. Here are the crystal skulls found in different parts of the world.

Since the first crystal skull was discovered and followed by the discovery of the other crystal skulls, this incessant artefact has become an argument. This is none other than the claims of some archaeologists who say that this crystal skull originated in the 16th century or pre-Columbian era of Mesoamerica. They also believe that crystal skulls are made by the Mayan or Aztecs.

Meanwhile, some scientists believe that the age of the crystal skull is not as massive as rumored. This group believes that this crystal skull was made in the 19th century. This can be seen from the details of the device allegedly used to make crystal skulls that are considered to have used a fairly modern technology.

The debate over the crystal skull is also associated with extra terrestrial creatures and UFOs. UFO fans believe that the skull is evidence of alien presence on earth. There is also another part that connects this skull with Stonehenge. They believe that this crystal skull was once used for a religious ritual.

A recent study reveals the mystery of the crystal skull. In fact, in any crystal skull discovery, it is not accompanied by authentic documentary evidence. This includes the crystal skull found in Lubaantun and also the other crystal skulls.

A Smithsonian researcher named Jane MacLaren Walsh found evidence and documents that the crystal skulls were sourced from an antique collector in Mexico City named Eugene Boban. Boban proved to provide other crystal skulls that are considered to come from the culture of the past. All these skulls were produced around 1867-1886 in Germany.

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