The Mystery of the Money Pit on Oak Island

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Oak Island is an island located in Lunenberg County, precisely on the south coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. The private island, which has an area of ​​140 acres (57 ha), is actually just an ordinary island, and there is not even enough natural resources on the island. To be able to access entry into it any special permission is required at this time.

But there are privileges on this island that make it legendary and famous all over the world, especially for treasure hunters. The specialty is that this island is believed to be the location of a money pit that is a hole that allegedly contains a treasure.

The legendary story of this money pit originated from the year 1795. At that time there were 3 teenage boys aged 16 years named Daniel McInnis along with his two friends John Smith and Anthony Vaughn. The three of them agreed to go on an adventure to Oak Island. By riding all three canoes arrive at the docks of Smith's Cove.

While they were on the journey they suddenly realized there was something strange in that place. There are so many rows of oak trees that fall in the forest. Strangely the tree trunks are neatly lined up with an old oak tree still standing in the middle. Out of curiosity they began to investigate.

They then found a hole covered by a clay wall between the fallen tree trunks. Feeling very intrigued, the three then unblock the clay and start digging. After digging up to a depth of 3 meters, they found pieces of wood arranged intersecting. Add curious, they dig again. At a depth of 6 meters, all three re-found the clay wall as before.

They believe that there is something hidden inside there. Excavations are even done for up to 8 years. In 1802, a company called Onslow Company led by Simon Lynd was interested in researching the existence of a money hole in Oak Island. He along with his workers then do the excavation with technology that of course more modern.

They then dug up to a depth of 90 meters. And miraculously at every 10 meters, they find the clay cover layer as what McInnis and his friends found. At a depth of 100 meters eventually the company decided to stop the excavation because it only found mud and sea water. For years there has been no digging.

The excavations were then continued during the years 1866, 1893, 1909, 1931, 1936, and beyond until this century. But no significant findings were obtained. Then why do people keep digging and believing in the hole it keeps a treasure? Moreover, some observers believe that in fact there is no treasure at all on the island as many rumors and legends are developing.

Although many observers are convinced that the treasure in Oak Island is only exaggerated, it does not dampen the intention of treasure hunters to try their luck to explore the island even though life is at stake.

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