The Strange Story of Charles Coghlan's Coffin

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Charles Francis Coghlan was born on June 11, 1842 in Paris, France. Coghlan comes from a poor Irish immigrant family. But thanks to the help of his neighbors, the young Coghlan was finally able to continue his education in law in England.

At school, Coghlan is apparently quite smart and starts to show will have a bright future. Her parents were very proud of her, and hoped the boy could have a successful lawyer career.

But apparently in the midst of the glory of his school's achievements, Coghlan harbored a tremendous interest in the arts. He dreamed of becoming a great actor and playing in famous movies. This was gradually evidently also smelled by his parents who of course strongly opposed the desire Coghlan. Long story short, Coghlan finally left home and vowed never to set foot on Prince Edward Island forever.

Coghlan left for London and started his career as a movie player there. In 1860 he managed to get a role as the main actor in the appearance of Prince of Wales. Through that role, Coghlan's name and career skyrocketed. He became a famous actor. Augustin Daly then took him for a career in America in 1876.

Coghlan then made his debut at the Fifth Avenue Theater in September 1876 in reference to Alfred Evelyn at Lord Lytton. Performing for the show dilakoninya until he reached the peak of success. Coghlan also had time to compete acting with his brother Rose Coghlan in Lilie Langtry and Minnie Maddem Fiske.

In the middle of his career, one day Coghlan visited a fortune teller. The astrologer said that Coghlan would be a great actor, but would die at the peak of his career. His soul will not calm until he returns to where it came from.

Hearing this, though only think of it as superstition, but still Coghlan became very disturbed. He also told this to his friends about the fortune teller's words. On November 27, 1898 Coghlan died in Galveston, Texas, after a month earlier suffering from illness. At that time, Coghlan was at the peak of fame, and news of his death was truly shocking. Coghlan was later buried in Galveston.

Only a few months later a severe storm accompanied by a typhoon struck Galveston. This incident took a lot of lives and also became one of the worst natural disasters experienced by Texas in its history. One of the areas affected by the disaster was the Galveston cemetery where Coghlan was buried.

The morning after the storm was over, residents around the funeral were surprised to find that the burial area had been shattered and several coffins buried inside were drifting along with the storm. Most likely the coffins were carried away into the sea.

The New York Actors Club, an association where Coghlan took shelter immediately took action when hearing this. They start searching for Coghlan's coffin and even offer great rewards for whoever finds the coffin. Year after year change news about Coghlan's coffin is never heard again. No one had found it, and finally found it completely lost.

Until one day in October of 1908, about eight years after a violent storm struck Galveston, a coffin was seen floating in the waters of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. A group of Canadian fishermen who found the coffin immediately reported it to the authorities.

This strange and astonishing story was later told by Forbes-Robertson in 1925 which was later retold by Robert Ripley two years later which made this story famous.

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