Mysteries of Atmospheric Beasts Still a Question Mark.

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Aliens and UFOs are two things that are still questionable in its existence to date. Some events are often associated with these two things. Appearances of aliens and UFOs often appear in the sky like clouds, foreign objects and other abnormal things. Not only the appearance of the sky is often associated with the existence of aliens. Atmospheric beasts are also often associated with other world life that is believed to be still from an alien nation.

The mystery of atmospheric creatures living in atmospheric beasts is still unclear. Atmospheric beasts are creatures that are thought to be organisms that float in layers of the atmosphere but do not have wings. This creature seems to have a fairly light body weight so that it can float freely in space.


The appearance of strange creatures from outside the earth's civilization was first seen on December 4, 1891 around the Indiana area. This creature is also often associated with its origin with Crawfordsville (cryptid chronicles). I was so excited about the emergence of atmospheric beasts also been published by the Indianapolis Journal.

It is said there is someone who succeeded in perpetuating the evidence of the appearance of the mysterious creature, he was seen to have about 20 feet in length and about 8 feet wide and seemed to float 100 feet in the sky.
At the time of its first appearance seen at 2am, it was seen that these aliens had large fins and floated around houses in the area around Indiana. This sighting is not only seen by ordinary people but also a methodical Rev. G.W. Switzer who dared to testify saw the existence of this creature.

At the appearance of both, this creature floated 300 feet and groaned in pain. Because this strange creature also emits strange and unusual sounds. The creator reappeared at night and not only methodically Rev.G.W. Switzer only saw it. But witnessed by many people around the Indiana area.
Not only the appearance of atmospheric creatures that live in atmospheric beasts alone makes people wonder, even some strange events and events on the earth are closely related to the presence of these strange creatures.

The case of Armospheric Beasts in the United States

One of the events associated with atmospheric beasts is the unfortunate event that befell one of the air force planes from America in 1939. Atmospheric beasts or also often called "atmospheric jellyfish" are thought to have attacked the crew and passengers of American air force aircraft.

The plane carrying around 12 passengers and one crew from San Diego was reportedly contacting the headquarters using an emergency call one hour after takeoff. Not only that which made it strange, the plane landed along with 12 passengers and pilots who had died.


During the incident, there were several gunshot and burn injuries found on passengers. There was only one person alive when the plane landed. However, unfortunately a few minutes later the person also died.

Some of these firing and burning scars are thought to be the occupants of shooting at non-violent creatures of the eye that resemble atmospheric beasts. The former shot was not only seen on a few passengers on the plane. But there are also at the exit of the plane.

The presence of sightings and some things related to the strange creatures in the air made American researchers Charles Fort interested in examining the appearance of atmospheric creatures living in atmospheric beasts.

Photographs of original and not edited atmospheric beast sightings


His research is famous for a book he documented under the title The book of the damned. In the journal, it was said that the creature had tentacles and stings like jellyfish.


And when this strange creature falls to earth, its form will be chewy like a star jelly if it's dead. This is all due to a very light body period, it's ridiculous that some people assume that by increasing their body mass, this creature can be caught alive. Apart from the truth of the story of Atmospheric Beasts, these atmospheric creatures are still a great mystery and puzzles that have puzzled scientists until now.

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