Atlas The Titan - Myths & Legends Contest

3년 전

This new Myths & Legends Contest from @nymia.aryn is for sure one of my faves because I love the mythology, especially the greek; That's why I'm gonna start with a draw of the greek myth of Atlas the Titan.

According to the ancient myth Atlas was the leader of the Titans during the Titanomachy, a war between the Titans and the Olympians, as they lose most of the titans were sent to the Tartarus but Zeus gave Atlas a different punishment. He was condemned to stand on the west of Gaea (Earth) and hold Urano (the sky) on his shoulders for all the eternity. Nowadays he's represented holding the earth because of a misconception related to an old king named Atlas from Mauritania in Libia.

Even tho that, I decided to draw him holding the earth with a little difference that I added to represent the modern world. Hope you like it:


I rarely make a sketch, normally I start like this, drawing with details and if I don't like it... well, just erase it all xd. So, I first make the body.


Then I draw the rock and chains, and make the buildings representing the modern world.


Having all ready I started to paint as well the body, rock and chains.


After that I began with the buildings and the world.


Finally, I paint the background rubbing the crayon's dust with my finger to make a kind of shade or color smoke.


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