Music Fix Friday: YamaAgni "On Our Way To The Top"

2년 전

On Our Way To The Top.jpg

To some this song is going to be familiar at least to an extent haha.


That is because technically it's already been posted on here for this:

However, I have retooled the song giving it a proper intro and outro and also a well-deserved mix.

I'd like to dedicate this song to my three major DnB influences whom I admire and aspire to be as great as one day:
@d-vine @nickyhavey @psionic-tremors
Thank you for the inspiration and great vibes :)

The journey of this song has been cool.
When I first put it out I was inspired and feeling like "we" [being myself and my fellow Steemit family] were truly on our way to the top.
This site helped get me out of a terribly long funk and pushed me to continue creating music.

With the re-release of this, it really feels like my dreams are close to becoming a reality.
It's been a darn long journey, and I've loved most of it.
Some parts have really sucked, but without those, you don't appreciate the good times.

Really looking forward to the eventual return of SOTA so we can all re-connect to the fullest.
I see a lot of people flourishing from here and it's truly great.


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