My last dream

3년 전


The dream dreamt during the last nap
Was so infuriating as of a pea-brained pestering pig
To sit with in the selfsame seat
I hobbled forwards from my far away facade
The swagger was neither salty nor sinful
To intake the tit-bit better than the afore-said face
I found that tiny room I embraced it warmly
Quietly attentive to the echoes marching out flutterily via the mouth of
The speaker
Was direly presently away
Near far way way in the far way in the spiritual side
Picking each words from the same state and perfectly hauling
Each via the slimmy channel created for...
Aye, I think I was kind of famishing or meanly thirsty
Lo and behold
For this is roughly purely a giant abode
A synagogue with the same semblance
The content therein are direly familiar
But the amity twixt is unfamiliar
Back here
In my hand was a youghurt
Gulping it
In the front of the speaker and being attentive is of a huge percentage
Then, see that hypocritic tit trudging toward this tasty taste
With this objective and aim to litigate
I could hardly perceive the sibilance of the pattering produced against the tiles by him
I think, I was pulled out
A big slap but missed
Not missed
The middle finger touched my right cheek
I think
This stink
I went ballistic
With why-this and what-was-it-I-did plastering the contorted countenance of mine in the same state
I peeped at his guilty-filled visage and warned his butts against such
For all attestated nothing is wrong
But all knew it was wrong
What's wrong this wrong
I collected the microphone and used my flat tongue
And bauled
If that is repeated by you again
I shall give you thunderous slaps not two
I let go now cos the abode averse such verse
I then zag back with a poisoned mind and
Heart was of acrid
And have my keister seated
And then I came back from that world to this world
But instantaneously, I re-shape the sword
Via prayer by the name of He that is called
The word.

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