Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - LIVE (Ermac Battle Free Play Trick) - Arcade Version 1.0 - Cyber Smoke Gameplay

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You haven't really beat UMK3 until you have beaten all 4 ladders of difficulty off one pay :) haha

I'll record myself doing it one of these days and with no losses, my record was ~12 continuous hours play time on 2 credits, since you can keep fighting Ermac for another free play.

Jump to 18:25 to see the Ermac trick

Choose the 3rd reward for beating Shao kahn (fighting Ermac) lose one round of 3 and then just do a mercy on Ermac (Hold run and tap down 4 times and then release run during fatality scene) and then win the fight for a free play.

I use to be godly at this game when I was younger... Quite a bit rusty these days, but I still had it (mostly) haha

I usually don't lose though :(

It was all slowly coming back to me. Haven't played in 10 years at least....

forgot the strats for a bit though (Motaro and Shao Kahn) haha, but I was getting my groove back for a second. I use to be able to play all day on 2 quarters as a kid doing that Ermac mercy trick for a free play over and over again.

If you are wondering why I chose v1.0, it's because they made 1.2 suck. The computer got stupid cheats in 1.2... 1.1 is fine though. I just like 1.0 because it is what my local arcade in Mankato, MN had...

This was streamed live on youtube...

Now you guys know where I got cybershrapnel from as a kid :P hehe

Watch on:

▶️ DTube

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Your crazy 12hrs. We had pretty stiff competition at the arcade. At one time I could breeze through any mk 1 2 3 and KI with 1 quarter. I made a few high scores which stuck in other towns Acades and hockey rinks. If i seen any of those games close by i would find a quarter and play. Good times.
You would be my worst nightmare back then just eating my quarters. Now... you would just run right through me and you might see a grown man cry or definately punch the screen.... Wait you cant break your knuckles on the screens anymore the screens break.😑