I Came Across A Group Of Hostile Demons On Youtube Last Night! - Beware of "Conspiracy Factualist" and company!

3년 전

So, I was rather bored last night and I was listening to this "so called" religious channel that was discussing the Mandela Effect.

I decided to chime in at one point and within a minute the moderator was yelling at me and threatening me claiming that I somehow hacked the youtube chat of his youtube channel and he said I had promoted myself to mod with a wrench and crown...

At first I was so confused but I then realized what he was talking about. Even though I had no control of the situation or what he was claiming. And I didn't see what he was seeing on my side... no crowns or wrenches. but I have seen youtube glitch out like that on other channels and give random people a wrench for a moment, so...

This guy is either
A.) pure evil and is a demon or possessed, sent to fuck with me.
B.) Under attack himself and confused (maybe one of his mods were messing with him)
C.) The guy is an absolute crazy person with a very short temper and a good helping of paranoia.

Anyways, Go ahead and listen to the stream. (@ 2:45:00)

started at about 2 hour and 45 minutes in... At first he was talking to me and then he went straight into threatening me mode...

maybe another demon interjected so that I couldn't tell them about the duality... lol

Either way though.. Fuck this guy!

I tried to call him and messaged him as I felt that some confusion had happened and he still persisted that I was hacking his youtube channel!

now I remember why I stay away from the religious fanatics.... Even though what they say is based in truth usually. They are often paranoid and delusional and willing to claim anyone other than them is evil and working on Satan's behalf...

These people are dangerous scum!

He's asking for money and support and shit too...

For what??? Are they actually trying to do something to stop what they are babbling about??? NO!

I don't say this often, but there are "fake people" in this world... I don't say that lightly ever. Like NPCs in a video game in a way... But I dare say this guy is one of the fakes... Masquerading as a person of God and of the light... when in fact he stinks of sulphur and is black as coal inside!

I can't speak for everyone in that channel but something is clearly up with the main guy that runs this shitty channel...

They acted like I should be scared that they knew who I was in real life...

I don't hide my identity :)

Got nothing to hide and I'm not afraid of nobody or the Nothing!

I saved an mp3 of this fucker yelling at me too for when he deletes the video...

At first I was open to the idea that he was just confused and maybe a demon was messing with both of us so that we wouldn't communicate. But that is not the case. This is an evil man after free money trying to use religion as a vehicle to get his money...


I run across people like this from time to time, but this guy was one of the most obvious!

This is the type of person that will one day possibly succeed at stopping the Quantum Firewall that we NEED.

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Did you buy his Staying Alive buckets of food that float? lol. in that case I must contribute with a tiny upvote...

Well my friend, good to see you around. Are you still writing your story?

Best regards and I hope that when you succeed, I have reached the stage where I can understand - from reading your posts in the meantime.

PS: I was surprised to see that at the top of your home page it looked like I stopped Following. It also happened to a another friend of mine, so maybe it is a glitch.


Watch this one, I almost died laughing...


I can understand him doing it, he is making money...but the audience? It is tempting to think (or hope) that they come from a different universe where things like this are normal - oh, but the way things are changing, that is our universe.

there's probably a grand difference between religious nuts/wingnuts or government conspiracy theorists ... i found @truthbeyondlies to be most open for discussion so far, thats why i keep them around too, one-sided dictators who hold the sole truth and preach it instead of lay it on the table for disccusion are like spelling nazis : if einstein came up wit special relativity to them, they would bust him for spelling it "ligt"


hahah, i was going for the classic quote but this one had more lol3.png to it :p

o yea before i get the question mark i had many times before : i call them "wingnuts" because from my point of view as i grew up in extreme right environment and thus rebelled as a kid to the other side i feel (and i think you as living in *the matrix* will understand the visualization) they don't stand on opposite sides of a straight infinite line (in analogue numbers). They stand on the same point on a circle, back to back but due to social gravity warping perception it looks like in the distance the other one is facing them while they basically adhere to the same core patterns (in short : i'm right, everyone who not like me is wrong, so i speak and everyone else can not because what they say is blasphemy to my beliefs)

left-right-wingnuts (i dont do dictionary much)

and a picture says more than 1000 words too



what you said resonates well and point well taken, very good insight actually :)

I grew up in a similar environment :) haha

Both sides are jacked... but one is worse than the other currently :P

Pizzagate is real. Israel and Saudi Arabia are apart of it.


Pizzagate got shutdown because it was going to expose the true reason for human trafficing. Adrenachrome farming via spirit cooking... its bad...and sad...and very real... unfortunatly


I do believe that’s one part of the whole picture. But there isn’t any group of junkies going savage on adrenochrome, so as far as trying to mass produce it I’m not onboard. Some of these children slaves have been reported to treat rape as play, so no adrenaline there... from what I’ve read, it all seems to point back to Crowley and his indulgence into the Kabbalah and it’s sacrificial ways. Then again, the more famous one was, the more they were molested. So maybe there black magic works. Shit aren’t we both communicating through the “black glass” where they are in total control already?


I'll explain it more sometime. But snuff videos and all that bad stuff our only the secondary product.... and they pay well to keep it out of the news or call it something else when that happens. But u are still correct. But its pretty disgusting either way.

Youtube says that the owner disabled the video, crazy days for sure.


I'll upload the mp3 part of it where he rhreatens me. I knew he would delete. Fake people usually dont know who they are up against when they challenge me. I hate ppl that attack like that... get em!!!! Lol


Yup, things just disappear now, lots of gov't paid disinfo agents , useful idiots or liars. So hard to know who and what to trust. Wow do I sound paranoid.