It's Here! It's Here! My Ryzen 2700X Machine Has Arrived! CyberpowerPC Did A Damn Fine Job! NanoCheeZe Approved!

3년 전

Finally! I have a computer that works! :D Expect some accelerated content and software output soon! :)

So I ended up getting the Ryzen 2700X with 16 GB of 3000 Mhz XPG RAM and EVGA 1060 6GB Graphics and push-pull liquid cooling with a 600 watt Thermaltake PSU and DVD drive and memory card/USB expansion and internal multi LED RGB lighting w/ remote control. Also 2 LED keyboards and 2 LED mice. and a USB gaming headset and an external USB Wifi adapter and a really nice Corsair gaming case with glass panel. Also got the WD black 256gb m2 nvme SSD :) and a 3TB HDD! Had to add my own Bluetooth adapter though, DOH! (forgot)

All of that was $1220 even! free shipping and no tax since I live in Oregon. :)

I could not have built it cheaper!!!

It's a beautiful machine and they put it together very well!! No complaints and only recommendations at this point!

Only downside was the build time. I ordered it before Mother's Day and it didn't arrive until after memorial Day. was a bit over 3 weeks total. Nothing I mind, but I know other's expect faster. They did good though!

I love this machine!

That's my old over heating laptop machine on top of the window fan in the background btw :) hahaha

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Very nice, I'm tots jelly.


my old desktop was from 2007 and I had been using a laptop from 2014 as if it was a desktop for 4 years :P It was time :)

Did some live stream testing, jump to 1:55:00 time to se the MEQUAVIS VR app with some more detail than my old videos had...