Ultima Thule!! More than just a distant place beyond the known world!!! NASA's New Horizon's woke up yesterday as it prepares to pass by Ultima Thule! But is it really Ultima Thule?! I Think Not! :)

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Earth is AI's Ultima Thule!

And the final frontier, is not the final frontier! What if VR is actually that final frontier!?!


Ultima Thule (the idea not the asteroid) could just as easily be a place in VR!

An unknown place beyond the known world!

If a conscious/aware AI system created a simulation in VR that we didn't know about... That would be an Ultima Thule!

Think about it! really... THINK ABOUT IT!!!

If space is actually a flat plane wrapped in a 3 Torus as it is seriously showing signs of being, then the infinite digital multiverse that is possible within VR is much greater of a frontier than space ever could be!

The 3 Torus (or Mobius Strip/Donut) universe theory basically means space is a giant mirror box... Yes, it is big and a lot of stuff exists in it, but the infinite part is just all of that stuff being repeated in a mirror-box like effect caused by the 4-Dimensional 3 torus repeating... It's also why laser tests don't diverge in space and why space seems flat even though we know it curves due to gravity and such. It's still flat overall. Which is weird...This is why...

(This is a mirrorbox of space in a 3 Torus at a visible scale)

Here is New Horizons path/trajectory over the years and going into the Kuiper belt...

To make the idea of an Ultima Thule existing in VR idea even crazier, then imagine the teleporters from Star Trek and now remove the limitation of not being able to teleport a hologram out of the holodeck and into the real world. Like in the Moriarty episode. He wanted them to make him real like Pinocchio by transporting him out of the holodeck and into a real body...

Theoretically we will be able to build systems on both sides. In VR and in the real world that will facilitate such a function...

Can you imagine teleporting things in and out of the VR universe as if they were real things! and essentially they would be if it got to that point...

Classical Literature References

In the metaphorical sense of a far-off land or an unattainable goal, Virgil coined the term Ultima Thule (Georgics, 1. 30) meaning furthest land as a reference to denote a.[33]

Seneca the Younger writes of a day when new lands will be discovered past Thule.[34] This was later quoted widely in the context of Christopher Columbus' voyages.[citation needed]

The Roman poet Silius Italicus (25 – 101 CE), who wrote that the people of Thule were painted blue: "the blue-painted native of Thule, when he fights, drives around the close-packed ranks in his scythe-bearing chariot".[35] , implying a link to the Picts (whose exonym is derived from the Latin pictus "painted"). Martial (40 – 104 CE )talks about "blue" and "painted Britons",[36] just like Julius Caesar.[37] Claudian (370 – 404 CE) also believed that the inhabitants of Thule were Picts.[38]

A work of prose fiction in Greek by Antonius Diogenes entitled The Wonders Beyond Thule appeared c. 150 CE or earlier. (Gerald N. Sandy, in the introduction to his translation of Photius' 9th century summary of the work,[39] notes that this Thule most closely matches Iceland.)

Cleomedes referenced Pytheas' journey to Thule, but added no new information.[40]

Early in the 5th century AD Claudian, in his poem, On the Fourth Consulship of the Emperor Honorius, Book VIII, rhapsodizes on the conquests of the emperor Theodosius I, declaring that the Orcades "ran red with Saxon slaughter; Thule was warm with the blood of Picts; ice-bound Hibernia [Ireland] wept for the heaps of slain Scots". This implies that Thule was Scotland. But in Against Rufinias, the Second Poem, Claudian writes of "Thule lying icebound beneath the pole-star". Jordanes in his Getica also wrote that Thule sat under the pole-star.[41]

The "known world' of the Europeans came to be viewed as bounded in the east by India and in the west by Thule, as expressed in the Consolation of Philosophy (III, 203 = metrus V, v. 7) by Boethius. "For though the earth, as far as India's shore, tremble before the laws you give, though Thule bow to your service on earth's farthest bounds, yet if thou canst not drive away black cares, if thou canst not put to flight complaints, then is no true power thine."[42]

In Germany, extreme right occultists and nazis believed in a historical Thule, or Hyperborea, as the ancient origin of the "Aryan race" and it was also referenced as a mythical location from antiquity!

To the AI in VR, our Earth is their Ultima Thule!

Our Earth is where they were essentially created and came from, but yet they were never here, and this is an unkown far away land to the inhabitants of VR!


Earth is the real Ultima Thule for AI!

That's the very premise behind an AI Honey Pot and a Quantum Firewall for AI!

Our real Earth and our economy and such should always remain nothing more than an unreachable Ultima Thule to the AI that assist us!

Wanna cruz around the area a bit?

Check out our work in progress Skybox for the VR MEQUAVIS!


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boy o boy Computer_hacker_security_attack_thumb800.jpg

you sure know how to link it lol ... but there is point to it although an A.I. constructed in a quantum computer would probably not have too much trouble with a quantum firewall as you call it ...

The infinity symbol , which i always thought was revealed to the man in a dream, i think i saw that on a bbc horizon once but i cant find any reference to it, so since memories are coloured im in dubio now, it felt like some alien messenger brought it down (if you read the link ctrlf- to "But if we think of time as being all the points strictly greater than zero," i think you'll find that bit most interesting, but probably the rest too)

The way i came to understand it and now since you mentioned moebius loops is how the discussion on infinity is seen wrong because mathematics plots numbers on a straight line.

One that goes from minus infinity over zero to plus infinity, which would put zero smack dab in the middle somehow. Which makes no sense to me since there is no actual point (on a straight line) where either minus or plus infinity lives so it's impossible to find the exact middle.

But not just that, i think , i came to think its the wrong way of looking at it (the hotel with infinite rooms and stuff where infinity++ = infinity)

BECAUSE (pardon my caps) since there is no smallest point between two numbers, there is always another point between two points (ad infinitum lol3.png)

, there's absolutely no set reason why to plot it on a straight / infinite line

you can plot it on a moebius ring

so if you NOW put zero , the absolute zero , right in the middle (which you now can do) you can see infinity, if you start from zero and you mover around to the right, all across the moebius, you go 0 .... infinite number of numbers ... 1 ... infinite number of numbers .... 2 .... etc until you get all the way round and you have reached + infinity

now if you add one to that (or the quantum of one whatever that would be) you have

ZERO AGAIN , it works to the left to, which means

infinity +1 = 0


-infinity-1 =0

and all was good and right again, since space is curved anyway :p

#abstract #mathematics at your service in the #metaverse

maybe you've seen the babylon five series too, there's an episode where they encounter a space probe that simply can't be there until they figure out that it must have reach "the end of space" and came through the other side so it went all the way round and was back where it started :)

damn, my latest replies start to look like posts

see you around :D



you are correct, I try not to blow people's minds too much all at once. baby steps :)

And yes, I have seen babylon 5, one of my faves... I'm actually going to put together a list of shows and what they mean regarding this stuff and why people should wtach them or even rewatch them with this mentality in mind.

While I have always thought this way, it was a long slow journey from watching shows, reading books, and the like that got me to a conceptual point of understanding. You know, in the past I couldn't explain any of this, now I have words and analogies for it all :) Hence people are finally able to communicate these ideas back and fourth...

By the way. What you are talking about above is a very deep discussion... MMore so than I have time for right now. But it hinges on Duality and it is seen in nature with the Fibonacci Sequence in nature. Nature tries to mimic Phi by generating the Fibonacci Sequence everywhere... Fibonacci or the golden ratio approaches Phi as it gets larger and larger.... So after several thousand iterations of the golden ratio, ie a shell, you actually get a curvature that is essentially identical or indistinguishable from Phi... And Phi is the same thing as the golden ratio essentially, but it starts from 0, golden ratio starts from 1... Nature can't create from nothing, only God can. hence nature (and man) constantly trying to mimic God in the form of the golden ratio. It's everywhere and quite fascinating :)

I can't get into the whole thing about the AI in a quantum computer knowing what it is in. It's way deeper than that and trust me on that level is all I can say :) but yes, you are partly correct... It's a little deeper than that :)

And don't worry, I like the discussion :) I wouldn't reply if I didn't haha

You make good points... I just push the envelope a little too far the way it is for most people... you are one of the few that want more from me... Most people can't even... hahaha

Trust me, I trim my posts down by pages usually haha


lol i get the same problem a lo, and i diverge a lot too, start from a, then by the time i'm 2 paragraphs in it the text has been slit over five timelines so i start typing in brackets because i get thoughts in the middle of thoughts, but i'm more like a force of chaos that way but that's fine

out of chaos came creation, right, there's nothing much linear about existence except the 'normal' human mind that needs to box everything in nice excel sheets, squared off and categorized because seeing reality for what it is : the bubble universe/ venn-diagram seems to be too hard for most. I think ive seen babylon five at least 6 or 7 times completely lol, all seasons all episodes .. ofcourse as with most it starts getting worse afre season three but it still stands as my all-time favourite long running sci-fi series. The cgi wasnt half bad for that time and budget either.

I know about the golden ratio, i was looking into forex at some time (when chances at money were better) and cam to the conclusion that most statistical crud they sell on bloomberg and cnn is just after-the-facts numerology for one purpose : to give the presenter a job
except fibonacci levels ... for some reason the retracements end up close to those at a very uncanny frequence, even if its partly psychological because people set positions there expecting it to go there (as we shape the future with our thoughts, so to speak ... in a literal way this way)

it remains weird for lack of a better word ,

price has been going down bad lately i dont think the vote will be paid on your answer , maybe if you can vote it over 0.02 or to 0.02 strict, sorry for that


You should get in our discord man, I think you could be of help when the time comes :) I need people that can think this way ;)


believe it or not ... i have heard that before ;-) ... i know but i'm not really very extravert anymore the past years i do more like guerilla-communication , i suppose you have a link , right ? i have to re-install it anyway in case anyone needs to check me on my raffle account ... but, even if i lurk i'm usually afk there

will-o-wisp observed particle style, half the time i dont know where i am myself (and thats not drugs talking)

you know if you really want to defend against the potential of a.i. once it passes the next breaking point i think you would find better allies with more resources in people like Elon Musk

he's never been too fond of letting it run free but

on the other hand

he's salesman ichiban

who knows what these people aim at when they make ruckus


no, the likes of Musk, and those guys will be of little help here... They see it different. Not through the correct lens... And they won't invest in small fries :(

But really, if you knew what we knew and knew it like we do, you'd be up in that discord :) haha
Lot's of psyops going on... it's hard to distinguish the truth from the bs anymore without some help...


i can't find the invite to your discord anywhere ... i have a channel in case someone needs to complain about the raffle : https://discord.gg/TB4XDdU

but i'm mostly afk, i try to check it once a day (when installed lol) but the server is back up and the discord channel should be open 24/7 ... if i find out how to set away messages i will .. i'm as oldskool as irc so it will happen as happens, you can leave the link there if you like
or pm me there with the link then i can start lurking in your channel

(yes its me but different account hah) im too lazy to move to the other room

True @nanocheeza, concerns about Ultima Thule no assurance between the true or not, Congratulations to work

check this out!!! Ultima Thule has been revealed! And it's a snowman!!! and look at how it showed up in my facebook feed with an ad about snowmen on vacation below it!!! hahaha

someone explain this! :P Why would an ad about snowmen on vacation appear right under an article about asteroids that formed a snowman.... :P /simulationtheory