Die of heart ache. An empath under a narcassist u

2년 전

I saw what you did. Things that were apart from each other u have problems putting things back together. Like us. You never reassembled our love l i was never your mentor and you were a terrible student, so lie some more. It is you who fucked me, not vice versa so it is very much your fault to make me do all this for you and then for you to fail me and play me and fail me and abandon me i forgave yiu i forgave more and more j helped u but i knew you wer playinf me for a fool yer i. Needed love wnd you fucked me like w whore but it was affection i was really after and u cut me off and took offense at thimgs you had no right too. You took advantage amd i accepted it. You stole my car to be wirh him numerous times amd i forgsve u and allwed u back in my life i acceptd your daughter even though she plotted agwimst me openly why could i not win your heart was ir already gone, ljke jasmkme warned me to be prepared for you were heartless i needed you i cried for days and night is heartache and sadness. Smd yer you came back fo make me suffer more. One week with me the next youd b with julie or jske or adam or troy. Yhen your be back unapologeticl amd i needed you evem more cause i was losing swas you constsntly smd it made. My hearr wild smd imbsks

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