PM Modi Inaugurated world's largest Mobile Factory in Noida

4년 전

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and South Korean President Moon Jaein visited Noida and Inaugurated the new mobile manufacturing plant of Samsung at noida. Notable, it will be the world's largest Mobile Factory.

With the beginning of this New Plant, India's Make In India and Skill India Will get a major Push in the country. Samsung has Invested close to 5,000 Crore Rupees in this plant and aims to Manufacture 12 Crore Mobile Handsets annually which will result in massive job creation under MAKE IN INDIA SKILL.

Great moment for INDIANS!!!!!!!!

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In every field india will rock


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Good Samsung Mobile Feature Supbbb like This picture


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@sonam1993 This is the biggest opportunity for indian engineers to get rock in that field....
Because they are hiring more than 5000+ employees from India only...


Yes....big opportunity for engineers

Make in India meya gov bitcoin v regulations kar deya, tab thik hoa geya.

Yes it's great news it will provide many job opportunities also.

Wow good news

That's a great news as it would also result in decreasing the charges of Samsung phones

Copy pest h ye

Ohhh great......

That's great news for all Indians, but only problem for me with present situation in India is that poor people are getting good benefits and leading happy life, rich people are obviously happy, but only middle-class people are suffering so much, we need to pay higher taxes, on the other hand we won't get any sort of support from govt.


Yes.....your view about middle class is very positive & supportive......i appreciate ur thinking...