The enchanting world

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It all started off with four teenagers, who were good at nothing and rejected by school, family and church. They were lonely and all they had was each other, with divorced families and dead parents. John, Maya, Janelle and Mike lived with a caretaker named Mariah Smith since they were 10 years old. They went to North Shore High School, there they started off as social outcomes and now outcasts. Being bullied and rejected by everyone, Mike’s girlfriend rejected him and Maya’s dream of acting failed, John’s art projects caused nothing but criticisms and Janelle was far from happy with herself.
One night, Maya found a book while they were in the library helping to pack up. Their school was a boarding school, so they would often volunteer to help out after supper. It was a book that told a lot about witchcrafts and magic. Being raised Catholic, none of the teens believed in such nonsense, yet they were open to trying it out.

Maya (eagerly): this book could change everything. Our entire history could be reversed………..into something far greater.

John: I don’t know……...I mean casting spells??? What are we, witches??

Maya: just think……how great would it be if we all got what we wanted. I mean……..watching your art show fall into pieces…..doesn’t that tear you up?

John: so……..we play with witchcraft??!!

Maya: this book holds everything, John. If we could get the spells right, maybe just maybe, we might not have to live like this anymore.

Janelle: gee, I am not sure Maya. I mean…….playing with witchcraft is like talking to the devil, it is like practicing necromancy.

Maya winced at Janelle as she said all the possible sins that the teens could commit if they do this. Yet she continued to speak as she went through the pages. The boys were starting to like the idea, although may not be as prepared to use it as Maya would. Maya knew the only way of doing this is to use a little persuasion.

Maya: Mike, don’t you want things to be better between Angelina and you? I mean……doesn't it hurt that you get rejected all the time?

Mike (stiff): well……..I do want things to be cool between us.

Maya (rhetorical): what about you, John? You have been working on your arts graffiti since fourth grade, yet not even Samuel could appreciate your beautiful, spendered art piece.

John (outraged): they were foolish enough to neglect it!!!!!

Maya: what about you, Janelle!!!??? Your parents are divorced, they are now remarried. Your mother’s new husband and his kids……...Jennifer and Lauren, they are awful to you. And your father’s new wife and their son………….

Janelle: what are you trying to say?? Cause, what goes on in my family is none of your business.

Maya (persuasive): you know what I am trying to say. This book could hold the answer to everything we have ever dreamt of, but never come. I mean……..getting rejected by everyone?? I am sure we are better than this

John: fine!! But if this ‘spell’ does not work, it is entirely your fault.

Maya: fine. Maybe it will be……if it doesn’t work. It is only a game, none of you really believe in witches do you?

Janelle: of course not!!

John: I am a christian not a pagan!!

Mike: not me!!!

It has been almost a month since the four 16 year olds did the spell. It was obvious that it worked out, for all of their families are now united as one, their dreams have come true. Mike now has a girlfriend, John is now famous for his oil paintings and Janelle is living happily with her reunited parents. However, although Maya got some parts of her wishes just like everyone else, she was rejected by the acting audition. The director said she once told the team that she wanted to quit, which she never would have said that.
Apart from John, Mike and Janelle, Maya is starting to notice something was wrong. A spell like that, they casted just for fun, but now she is starting to believe it. Their lives are so good, it is way too good to be true!!!
So once and for all, Maya called the other three teens to gather at her house one night. While her parents and brother were busy going outside for a dance, they came in.

John (joyful): did you hear?? My art is now officially in the melbourne gallery!!

Mike: Angelina and I had sex only a day ago. It felt so good…...congratulations on your painting by the way, bro!

John: thanks. Also, my parents brought the house.

Mike (laughing): did they?? Congratulations!!!!!

Maya takes several deep breaths before she starts speaking. She did not want to destroy everyone’s good time yet she did not want them to dwell in it either. Something was not right and she knew it, it may be an indulgence life they are all living in, but it may not be as real as it looks.

Maya: listen!! I think something might have gone wrong. I mean, we did the spell and…………….

Janelle (exhaled): oh, come on!! Maya, stop being so superstitious!!

John: yeah, sis. Just live in the moment and be grateful that God gave you the chance to.

Maya: don’t you think……..this is a little too good??

The other three teens looked at Maya with astonishment, shame and anger. They were all enjoying their lives so much that they forgot what the point she was trying to say.

Mike (tiring): what is the matter??!! Our lives are better than it was before…...I got my girlfriend, John is not an artist and Janelle is now back to being the nerd she always was before all of this happened in her family! And most of all, the caregiver quits her job and we are back with our united families again, just like it was before.

Maya: don’t you think this is all a bit too great!!

John, Mike and Janelle rolled their eyes as they knew what she was emphasizing.

Maya: look, we all put our hearts desires into the spell as we casted them. John, you became an artist like you always wished for. Your work was in the city gallery like you always wanted, in your words. Janelle, you wished that your family was united as one again and that your parents were never remarried with stepchildren. And it immediately came alive, I mean…….now your parents are remarried and you never had stepchildren. Mike, we all know what you got!!!

Mike: hey, don’t break what I fixed!

Maya (emphasize): you know what it is!!! Angelina would never have loved you on her own. Doesn’t any of you see, this is not real!!!!!

John: I think……someone didn’t get what they wanted??

They turned to face Maya with a grin on their faces. Janelle was far from outraged when she learns that her best friend was jealous of her.

Janelle: you are just jealous, Maya!!!

Maya: I would never quit acting class……...THAT IS HOW I KNOW SOMETHING IS WRONG!!!

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