Anti-centralized, anti-debt, anti-no skin in the game


Nassim Taleb’s writings provide an antidote to all that is shallow, hollow, false, divisive, and corrupt in our modern scheme of things

It is that “we humans, facing limits of knowledge, and things we do not observe, the unseen and the unknown, resolve the tension by squeezing life and the world into tiny ideas”. We are small and feeble and tell ourselves myths for protection. We have to support risk takers and entrepreneurs, and not centralized socialism for the rich. In biologic systems the randomness of errors and events lead to positive growth. Therefore it is good to tinker and experiment. Direct research is often controlled collusion. Economics in general just reifies the principles of those in power.

“Banks be treated as utilities forbidden to take potentially lethal risks, while hedge funds and other unregulated entities should be able to do what they want”. That is skin in the game, you pay to play, and when you lose you walk away or get flushed down the toilet. Taleb's writings discuss the error of comparing real-world randomness with the "structured randomness" (humans build in errors, but ignore them until too late). That is because “beaming light unto the unseen is costly,,, and therefore ignored”. Oligarchs control the game from the outside… I win you lose, you win you also lose.

He supports speculative bets with a limited downside… those that can benefit, but not be harmed, from black swans (unexpected occurences). For Taleb not everyone can be a winner, that is nature. Humans evolved in random environment, with various unexpected but intense efforts and much rest.

He respects Ron Paul and Ralph Nader , people that are authentic, and the rarest of types… those that stick their neck out for others.

He has disdain for academic establishment (he has it in for something he calls the "Soviet-Harvard” illusion), those that have been bought and sold by in large to people carried around in the pocket of oligarchs. The institutions have been assuaged and pampered and put into doldrums. The beasts harvest over and over again in the centralized middle, the false system of tributes, of staleness, of debts.


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