Native infinite possibilities in the organization of digital communities




What would happen if a good day society decided, and a step beyond simple meetings of people with common interests, and this time, we will take a step as we will our ancestors to leave the cave and group in the communities , only this time this organization of people with common interests will become digital, it will realize its own currency or change token, it sounds utopian but it is that way native to come to make that utopia a reality

Native "is a platform built by Ethereum that allows communities to generate their own unique token currencies and effectively manage their resources through collective decision-making tools."


Native handles two types of token
Token native
The native token is used to boost activities on the platform and can be purchased using the Brave browser or the Metamask wallet.

Token of the community: can be exchanged for a native token or for other community token
So in this great idea of ​​native you can make your own community with people who have a particular interest and have a thousand ideas to expose them
In the native communities there are individuals interacting these are
Curators are those who administer the community the idea is that they do the best for their community
Members these are normal members who do not have the power of administrators but can vote in decision making


Well we have already understood a little what is native and what you are trying to do now we need more tangible and meaningful examples to explain ourselves better, that is to say that I could form a community using the native platform

The official page explains in detail how to make a community about lemonades, it is explained as an example, the data that basically takes the number of members, the location, the market value, the value and the amount of the token among other data of interest to community

So you can create a community of what you want from movies, music, clothing and specify as a community of science fiction moviegoers, music of the 90s and people who make clothes and want to exchange ideas, the possibilities with native are endless

I already talk with some friends and we are going to create a community of science fiction moviegoers. We are very excited and we want to create an exchange market, from allegorical clothing to movies, action figures and everything that involves science fiction movies.

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