My personal favourites natural healers

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It has medicinal properties and can cure almost anything!

1- It is good for hair care, gives you shinny looking hair and helps their growth. For people who have dandruff problems, it will be helpful because of the fatty acids present in c.o. For a long time, I was using it as a conditioner.
However, you need to be careful with the kind of coconut oil you buy. Look for the words: Organic virgin coconut oil (unrefined), as it is the right kind to get. Otherwise, it wont have the key ingredients for your skin.

2- It also helps with the skin and prevents dryness, wrinkles, flaking and chapped lips. It has helped with my acne as well! There are fewer studies on this particular benefit, but coconut oil can be used as a sunscreen as it protects against 20% of the suns ultraviolet rays. Who would have known!?

3- Infections and wounds : Coconut oil helps with the healing process of bruises and cuts. Also, it has antifungal properties and protects against infections such as yeast infection, since it kills the bacterias. I have personally have had so many yeast infections in the past years, and no medical prescription or pharmacy products over-the-counter have solved my problem. The only thing that did cure it was coconut oil. I applied a little bit on the area when it started to itch, and it automatically soothed the pain and it made it go away within a couple of days. It helped me so much with rashes as well since I have very sensitive skin and it gets problems easily.

4- Coconut oil can be incorporated into our diets as it is packed with endless benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Can help prevent and treat cancer
  • Improves digestion
  • Good for the health of teeth (prevents gum disease and tooth decay)
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Builds muscles strenght



1- Epsom salt can be used in the house, the garden, for beauty and health purposes.
According to experts, taking an espsom salth bath a couple times a week, could be beneficial for your stress and energy levels, because when the salt gets dissolved in the water, the skin absorbs it and it increases the amount of magnesium in the body. Magnesium produces serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter in our brain that has a direct impact on our mood and well-being. This is why you tend to feel more relaxed when you take an epsom salt bath. I personally got bed bugs a while back and taking epsom salth baths has helped me to soothe the itchiness/rash.

2- It also helps to heal cuts, bruises and muscle soreness/inflammation since it flushes out toxins.
You can use epsom salt to help with your skin to get rid of blackheads and as an exfoliant mixed with your daily face wash.

3- As I mentionned previously, Epsom salt can be used within your home. Mixed with dish detergent, it can be used to clean your bathroom. Epsom salt can also be sprayed in your garden or in your lawn to get rid of pesticides.



1- Honey has been recognized for a long time for its healing properties. However, the reason why Manuka honey made it to my list is because it works even better since it contains four times what regular flower honey have. Its anti-bacterial, anti-viral and it helps to improve skin and also problematic hair condition(dandruff) .

2- The first time I got introduced to it, was a couple years ago when I bought my first manuka honey soap at a farmers market in Vancouver. The seller was raving about it so much I decided to buy it. No need to say Im very grateful I did that! It is beneficial for acne-prone skin and for eczema. I used the soap version but applying manuka honey directly on your face will be as safe! You simply apply it to the concerned area and the longer you leave it for, the better it works. (min 15 min-max 1hr)

3- Also, if youre just like me and you get seasonal allergies, taking manuka honey everyday ( 1-2 tbs) will replace Benadryl, plus its natural. Best of both worlds!! You can use the same quantity (1-2 tbs) for digestion purposes, sore throat or simply to prevent future sickness.



It comes from the plant called melaleuca, and it has been mentionned in many medical studies for its healing properties. You have probably heard about it since it is often present in face and body products, cosmetics, as well as shampoos. It has almost infinite uses, I will list them below and write about the ones that I have tested and loved.

  • Acne+face wash
  • Bacterial+fungal infections
  • Chicken pox
  • Insect bites
  • Bad breath (yes you heard right!)
  • Head lice
  • Psoriasis
  • Cold sores
  • House cleanser/mold remover
  • deodorant

From personal experience, I can say that this bad boy works as well as medication! And the best part of it is that since its natural, it comes with no side effect.

1- Tea tree oil has been a life saver for my skin. In my teenage years, I was suffering from acne (like I said previously) but tea tree oil was the first natural product I started using after getting rid of my benzoyl peroxide (really helps with acne but contains so much chemicals that it leaves your face with the worst dry and peel-off finish). And the good part is that tea tree oil works as well as the peroxide! It also has proven benefits for fragile hair and scalp. Works for both dandruff and lice! ''One study published in Parasitology Research suggests that it can kill lice in the nymph and adult stages of life. Tea tree oil treatments also reduced the number of lice eggs that hatched.''

2- It can be used as a home cleanser (anywhere in between bathroom, kitchen, counters, appliances) since it has antimicrobal properties. You can mix it with water, vinegar and lemon essential oil and you are good to go! If you have a diffuser, tea tree oil can be used to kill mold and bacterias around the house. I have been utterly obsessed with the scent!

3- Tea tree oil is known to work as a natural thoothpaste! However, it is dangerous to swallow it so be careful with that! Its important to mix it with coconut oil and baking soda and then you got your homemade diy!


Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post! Let me know down below what is your favorite natural remedy!

Love you all,

Sab xoxo

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Great article :) I love natural living! I have personally switched to natural home cleaners, insect repellents, lotions etc. and they work as good and usually better than the toxic chemicals I used to use! And I only use natural medicines now and they work SO MUCH BETTER than pharmaceuticals! I got so sick of my "medicine" making me sicker. Yeah nature!!!


Awww I absolutely love your comment and couldn't agree more!💙 I did the switch to a while ago and am so happy about it:) thanks so much!!

Coconut oil is also great for brushing your teeth with ; )


It is!! I used to do it ! I love the scent of coconut but to use it as a toothpaste was another story 😔 Thanks for your comment:)! Xoxo

Nice article and blog! Looks like you post some really interesting things! I will definitely give you a follow!

I remember always spraying tea tree oil on mattresses growing up. To remove some of the bacteria from them, as its not the easiest to throw a bed into a washing machine haha!

I wish I had a bathtub and could take epsomsalt baths! I didn't know you could use it in the garden. Do you mean that it works in place of pesticides or you can use it to remove pesticides? For example, remove pesticides from fruits? I remember growing up (haha lots happened growing up) That my parents used a product to remove the pesticides from fruits and veggies we bought. It would come off as a white, waxy kind of substance. Maybe it was an epsom salt solution??

Keep posting! you get a follow from me!!


Thank you so much for your comment and your interest of my post, I really appreciate it:)
Taking a bath is one of my fav ways to pamper myself! I hope you will get the chance in the future to do so. I will send you a like that talks about Epsom salt and pesticides as you have to dilute it with water depending on what you are trying to get rid of:) thanks again! 💗😘


Thanks for the comment and the link :) Will look at it now :)


Awww my pleasure!!!💜

TeaTree (in my hair gel mmm smells so good) and Coconut oil (for cooking and dental use) are the ones I probably use the most.

Keep the good content coming!


Wow that’s epic! My two favorite ones no kidding! Epic that you use teetrea in your hair!! And what can I say about coconut oil... it’s the best thing Eva 😍

I love Epsom Salts, I used to bath with them regularly but you just reminded me I stopped buying it! And coconut oil is awesome, it also eliminates odours by neutralising the bacteria that causes it - I use it as a natural deodorant on my armpits. Unlike sprays and roll ons, it actually lasts all day long!


awwwwwwww clinty ur too cute!!! Thats so cool! I know coconut oil is hands down my favourite thing on earth like it has saved my life countless times!!! Thanks for sharing this with me :) 😘


Hahaha Clinty 😂 Yeah man, I also wash my hair with Bicarbonate of Soda, I'm so down with this shit little Sabby! 😉 Definitely getting back into Epsom salts when I get some money in a couple of days, thanks for reminding me!


Omg you're the shit man! You're just like me! We don't need much to be happy. Simplicity is luxury 😏 Awww no problem I'm so happy that I have helped in some way:)) Thank you so much for sharing the love, I love ya!!! (You're the only one that gets to hear this on here😂😘)


Well I'm very lucky then, but I'm sure your boyfriend gets to hear it in person so I'm not as lucky as him..! 😋 Still, I love ya too little Sabby, my Steemit crush. 😍


Awwww ur too cute!!! How do you know these things haha ur the best xoxo 😘


OMG BTW forgot to mention that I love the "little saby" nickname haha almost gives me shivers 😂😂 @clintjunior

Organic is the best. Great post.
Please visit my blog & follow if you like.


It is!! Thankyou!!:)