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My daughter spends about thirty percent of her time drawing, with one of her bedroom walls covered in her work. She recently started a new project drawing five full-size characters, using mainly Caran D'ache Supracolor pencils and Winsor and Newton Promarkers. After fifteen to twenty hours work, here is her first finished character!

Sometime next year she'll be starting some GCSE studies, so this may be her last big art project for a while. I'd love her to try her hand at illustration one day, but if she only does it as a hobby to make her happy and help her relax, it's good enough!

There's no way my children could have time to do something like this if they were spending 6+ hours at school five days a week. I'm so grateful that they have the time to be as creative as this. 😍

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this is really good, thanks for sharing your daughters artwork with us and I agree home education really lets our kids choose what they want to spend their time doing and really helps them to focus on that and get really skillful, giving them a choice is so important x

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If life interferes big art projects aren't always stalled, they just take longer ;)

She did a great job with the shading :)

Awesome work! I school my son at home as well and he is finally able to release his creative side. It more involves building(and destroying) things as he quenches his thirst for a knowledge of how things work and why. So i definitely agree that this would be hindered if being forced to endure the long unnecessary hours of our government institutions. Thanks for taking time to share and i hope you have a great week. Feel free to stop by my place as I am in the middle of building something awesome for folks like us. Maybe you can use it, maybe not...but i will need beta testers shortly.😁 Anyway i hope to hear from you and am even more hopeful my service may be of interest to you.(oh, and it's completely free, so i promise this isn't a sales pitch...I actually want to reward you and your family for making the sacrifices you do to enable your child(ren) to truly succeed at life.)🤗🤗🤗 Hugs for you and the whole family!!!
P.S. im going to send my friends by to pay you a visit.

I stopped by on behalf of Mr. Johndoer123...
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We look forward to seeing you.