The rise of cannabis tourism company



With the accelerated development of the legalization of cannabis worldwide, with the full legalization of marijuana in Canada, Uruguay, and some states in the United States, marijuana tourism is like a rising star in the public eye, becoming a new cannabis industry~

What is the embarrassment of marijuana tourism?

When it comes to marijuana tourism, Canada is the first country to implement the full legalization of marijuana in October 2018. According to the CBC report, some travel companies in the BC province on the west coast of Canada have begun to develop a new travel program to provide marijuana-themed travel programs for wealthy tourists.


For example, the travel company L'agence Boutiq Escapes launched a new project to use helicopters to carry visitors to a “secret” location, allowing customers to relax and enjoy “special moments”.


L'agence Boutiq Escapes offers a variety of marijuana packages in Toronto and other locations, including a $750 romantic night, a limousine and a steam lounge tour. One of the most popular packages is the airport shuttle service, starting at $600.

The company's founder, Neev Tapiero, said that people like to enjoy marijuana after a long flight. We greet them at the airport. After a short break, take them for a three-hour marijuana pharmacy parade, and then experience a two-hour marijuana baked food course. Including rosin and so on.


Another travel company, Cannabliss Retreats, focuses on cannabis experience and cannabis education. They have set up marijuana food education in their tourism programs in Canada and Jamaica.

The founder of the company, Sari Starr, said that the focus of Cannabliss Retreats is to help and educate everyone who doesn't understand marijuana, to understand the many benefits of marijuana, to create a safe environment for everyone, and to express their association with marijuana.

Currently, Cannabliss Retreats' activities include educational seminars, yoga, audio baths, health workshops and a range of cannabis-related activities.


A travel company called Alternative Med Tours also provides visitors with expertise on marijuana and a new tour tour to organize cannabis sales outlets. The company has been providing similar travel services for medical marijuana users for many years.


This concept is somewhat similar to the theme travels such as “bars” and “wine bars”, organizing visits to bars or wineries, and trying to explore various products.

Founded in 2016, Higher Way Travel is a full-service travel agency that caters to all marijuana adventure needs. The founders of Higher Way Travel are two cannabis culture enthusiasts, April and Bobby Black, who met at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam in 2006. After the establishment of the Cannabis Tourism Agency, they also worked on various cannabis activities.

According to April, one of the founders, the main goal of Higher Way Travel is to create a unique travel experience for ordinary marijuana lovers, so that they can enjoy a full holiday.


In August 2019, Higher Way Travel will launch its first advanced health sanatorium, which will provide a variety of services related to marijuana including yoga, hiking, massage, soaking, sauna, and essential oils. They also count on promoting their travel products in Los Angeles, Hawaii and Barcelona.

As we all know, Amsterdam, the Netherlands has always been known for its cannabis tourism. Now, as more and more countries implement full legalization of marijuana, Canadian provinces, Jamaica and many countries and regions are also entering the cannabis tourism market.

In Jamaica and many other countries, legal restrictions have begun to relax, and health-centered cannabis tourism is experiencing prosperity. For example, the medical cannabis complex Kaya Farm offers spas, cafes and smoking rooms for visitors with medical cannabis certification.

Since 2014, cannabis tourism in Colorado has grown by 51%. In 2019, a survey conducted by the Colorado Tourism Board showed that 12 million or about 15% of travelers were involved in cannabis-related activities. According to reports, 5% of the population traveled to the state because of marijuana, and the number of tourists who went to Colorado and purchased cannabis-related products was staggering, indicating that the cannabis industry is driving tourism growth.

Las Vegas cannabis tourism is also in the leading position. In 2018, cannabis revenue in the region exceeded expectations by 25%, bringing the state a new tax of about $70 million. The success of the cannabis tourism industry in Las Vegas has led Nevada to consider reducing the consumption of other recreational facilities, adding new facilities and attracting more tourists. In November 2019, Las Vegas will open a cannabis theme park that includes laser graffiti walls, giant flying balls, and lighting and water shows. At the same time, the state is well aware of the number of employment opportunities and entrepreneurial opportunities that the cannabis tourism industry will bring.

In addition, according to data compiled by Grand View Research, the global cannabis market value in 2016 was $93 billion and is expected to reach $146.4 billion by the end of 2025. In addition, the market is expected to achieve a strong compound annual growth rate for the entire forecast period from 2018 to 2025, with a ratio of 34.6%.

Regarding the legalization of cannabis tourism in Canada, some insiders said that the legalization of marijuana may bring more than 2 billion Canadian dollars in income to Canada's tourism industry every year.

The boom in cannabis tourism will also lead to explosive sales of cannabis products, and marijuana tourists will become the main force in the consumption of cannabis products.

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cannabis is less legal than ever before in Canada, thanks to 'legalization'..... far more crimes, with far more fail time, and far more peaceful people going to prison.