Lessons from Mother Ayahuasca. Night 9: Breaking curses and "leveling up" my abilities


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Goddamit! I wasn't going to write any more of these posts but @clayboyn and @bearone have both been in my ear, telling me I should share my experiences since I'm getting massive 5D energy downloads from the universe at the moment, which could help someone. Those who resonate with my blog will find it, and hopefully not think I'm weird or insane. So here we go again with a crazy new round of yagé stories!

Back in June and early July, I attended four ceremonies with Taita Richard, another Colombian shaman who I'd heard great things about. He's young, like in his 30s, so he brings a lot of energy to his ceremonies. He also encourages everyone to keep drinking the yagé and go deep. He's basically a magician and the most powerful shaman I've sat in ceremony with so far.

My intention tonight was "show me what I need to see". I've moved away from specifics now. Mama Aya gives you whatever she wants anyway, so why fight it? Plus thinking up intentions over and over is hard. I took my first cup and waited, since generally, not much happens to me until the second cup goes down. Well, that's what used to happen.

There was a guy in front of me and it was his first time taking yagé. It kicked in for him almost straight away and I've never seen anyone react like this. He was rolling around on the floor and looked like he was going through an exorcism. It was a little scary, I'll admit. All the helpers were with him so he wouldn't hurt himself or others, and Taita Richard was doing whatever shamans do when people go to weird/dark places.

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Since I can help people in ceremony, I wondered what I could do for him. Could I send him some love and healing energy? I wasn't really "in the medicine" yet, so I didn't know if that would work. Then I heard someone playing the maracas. This is not an uncommon sound in ceremony, but it was continuous and I realised it was a sign for me to do a shamanic journey (something else I've gotten into in a big way recently). The music I listen to when I go on shamanic journeys has maracas playing at the start and end. So, I lie on my mat and go on a yagé enhanced shamanic journey. As you do.

Pretty much straight away I realised that I'd gone back into one of his past lives. The first thing I felt is tightness around my neck. I thought he was being hanged, but that wasn't it and I'll come back to it later. He was on a sinking boat on rough seas and that's why he was rolling around on the floor. The boat was throwing him from side to side. In this journey he was calling out "no one's listening to me" over and over so I said to him, "I'm listening, what do you want to say?" He replied, "tell my family I love them". I said ok, and then I went to find his family. I found a wife and a daughter so I passed on his message. Then I had an overwhelming feeling that a curse had been placed on him and that was responsible for this sinking boat he was on. I can't break curses (yet) so I called in my spirit guides asked them to break it, which they did. I remember seeing all these light fragments around me as they broke it. So, I went back to him on the boat and said I've told your family that you love them, and by the way, I've removed the curse on you so you're free now. I then came out of the shamanic journey. In the meantime, he'd been taken outside to the grass, and he'd stopped yelling. I will return to this story later.

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

Then I took the second cup of yagé and within two minutes I was "in the medicine". I think that is the quickest amount of time it's worked on me so far. That's how strong Taita Richard's yagé is. I had a vomit not long after, but since I hadn't eaten all day (fasting for as many hours as possible is definitely the way to go), all that came out was yagé and water. Of course, I asked what it was and the response I got was "self-obsession". This actually made a lot of sense based on on the Gene Keys, which I've been dabbling in. (I'm dabbling in a lot of things these days.) It's related to your time of birth and shows your core shadow work. For the past few days I'd been obsessing over self-obsession so I was happy to let that go.

After my purge, I felt really good and lay down on my mat and the visions started. Tonight I could literally see the vibrations of the music and the icaros that Taita Richard was singing. I could see how each vibration goes into the body and pulls stuff out, causing a purge. Different notes and sounds work in different ways and it was super cool to watch and understand.

While I was immersed in the nitty-gritty, Taita Richard was using his music and words to raise the frequency of the room and get everyone purging at the same time. Then he would drop it back down and give everyone a rest, and then raise it again. This cycle went on for ages and, holy fuck, it was intense. By this point I was so deep in the medicine I didn't need my eye mask. I could see the frequency in the room with my eyes open or shut. As he raised the frequency I could see the energy getting tighter and tighter, and then drop off a bit when everyone relaxed. But unlike everyone else, I was not purging. Mama Aya had given me a separate role in all this.

I am still learning how to ground energy properly and this is my biggest problem since I'm sensitive to what's happening around me. I absorb the energy of the room and either transmute it into something else, or ground it to Mother Earth. Tonight, I had a vision of Taita Richard coming to me and telling me to keep my arm on the ground and saying "don't move, don't move, keep your arm on the ground, you've got this". I could even feel a weight on my arm all night, holding it down.

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Then, as he was raising the vibration of the room, my feet were acting like antennae and I was taking the energy from everyone who was purging and transmuting it into healing and love and sending it back out. This part wasn't new, but taking it from other people (not just the music or the moon) and being able to see it was. And at one point I was felt like I was in three separate dimensions doing this. I could see myself underground like when I became Mother Nature on Night 3, in the present dimension in the room, and in this other dimension where I could see all the energy around me. It was super trippy and despite the intensity of it all, it felt really awesome. I also saw how everything is based on sacred geometry. I can't explain it, but I was seeing the molecular structure of the universe. This was my intention from Night 7, a few weeks ago. I was happy that I got it eventually.

Image by @carlgnash, with permission

My friend Eva was with me tonight and it was her first time on ayahuasca/yagé. She was definitely getting some tough love from Mama Aya and Taita Richard and was purging a lot. At one point towards the end of the night, I could tell she wanted to release something but she wasn't able to (at least not at the start). But now, I could grab the energy component of it. So I began pulling this energy from her and kept on pulling until eventually, she let it go. I then tried with a few other people near me and the same thing happened. I could sense they were trying to release something and I could grab the energy component of whatever it was and help them release it. Super cool. And definitely the first of a few "level ups" in my healing abilities, which I will discuss in upcoming posts.

It was now morning and the cursed guy from earlier returned from outside. Once the medicine had worn off I spoke to him and told him what I experienced. As I was telling my story, he was nearly in tears and afterwards said a lot of what I said was resonating and made sense to him. He told me that he has an ex-wife and a child in the US, but the relationship is strained and he can't express himself easily to his son. I then realised the tightness I felt on my throat was his blocked throat chakra. He didn't tell me what he was experiencing while he was rolling around but that's ok. I know a lot of what happens during purges is deeply personal. That said, I was still confused by the curse since it just sort of appeared out of nowhere. It wasn't until two weeks later and I was telling the story to one of the shaman assistants that it all made sense. The assistant told me that when they took this guy outside, he was literally swimming in the grass and was desperately trying to get somewhere. I said "of course he was swimming, he was on a sinking boat". We then realised he runs a business that involves him being on the water. Combined with him having one child in this life who he can't talk to, he was still living out the curse in this life. When we put all the pieces together, we looked at each and had a "holy fuck" moment.

But wait, there's more. There is a past life connection between this guy and Eva, which we are still trying to find out the details of. There are too many synchronicities between their stories for it to be nothing. And both Eva and I really want to know how he is doing now that a few weeks have passed. We've decided that we will go visit him sometime soon. He lives in a small coastal town and he told us where he works so it will be easy to casually drop in and see him.

And on that stalker-y note, I will bring this post to a close. Everyone I spoke to in the morning agreed that it was a super intense night, but with all the vomit, shitting and crying came a lot healing. And in the words of Taita Richard, this was just the introduction. The main event on Saturday night was still to come!

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Wow, a powerful moment! You're now able to help others in the ceremonies, that's really impressive, choo, though not surprising (for me) :) I think it's nice that you were able to pass the message that the man had wanted to send, and it's so spooky (but cool) that he said that he was having a hard time speaking with his son.... which totally explains the tightness around the throat sensation!

Being able to see in three different dimensions sound crazy intense! But probably super cool :D

I definitely will look forward to read the next article... Seems like you've got a loyal passenger in me, choo <3


Yeah, the curse thing is still tripping me out. That's why I really want to go see him and see how he's doing now. It still boggles my mind!

I'm glad you enjoy them so much Spidey. I always look forward to reading you comments. td>🤗

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I would rather sound crazy than 'normal' in this insane world. Glad to see you writing again.


Aw thanks. And you make a good point.

and hopefully not think
I'm weird or insane. -- choogirl

Haha, i don't think so you explained in your preceding articles about Ayahuasca and everybody can read that. I think it is a nice journey that could also be dangerous when done wrong. And everyone should make his or her own decision if he or she thinks it is OK or not. I think it is very interesting that you share your thoughts here on Steem and i always love to read from you here.

Then I took the second cup of yagé and within two minutes I was "in the >medicine". I think that is the quickest amount of time it's worked on me so far. >That's how strong Taita Richard's yagé is. I had a vomit not long after, but since I >hadn't eaten all day (fasting for as many hours as possible is definitely the way to >go), all that came out was yagé and water. -- choogirl

Seeing the virvations of music and singing also sounds a bit weired for people wo haven't tried something like this. Please stay safe. i want to hear and read further stories from you.


Thanks for being concerned, but it's all good. I trust the medicine and don't have any major concerns about taking it. Of course it pays to be respectful.

Wow great story! I wish I lived near a shaman. I have yet still to experience my own Ayahuasca ceremony. I've even looked into Ibogaine. I think both experiences would help heal me a great deal where I need help with the most in my life.


Thank you! I don't know much about iboga, except that you really have to monitor your heart on that one. Aya is much less of a concern unless you have existing heart problems. And yes, she is an amazing healer. I've witnessed her transform a lot of people's lives in the few months that I've been taking the medicine.

I first found out about ayahuasca a few months ago like you on a youtube video and found it absolutely fascinating. I read a few stories watched a few videos then moved on.

Yesterday I came across this post and it sparked that fascination all over again. I found myself stop reading this article so I could begin right at the very of your journey. I read every post, opened every link and watched the video in earlier posts. I cannot wait to see where Mother Aya takes you next!


Ah nice. Thanks for reading them. That's a big effort in one go cos they are not short! Once she calls you, she really calls you, I know that. I have 3 ceremonies I could write up now and then I'm going to Colombia in about 2 weeks for another 5 ceremonies. So I should have quite a bit of material coming up.

It really sounds like you are going next level with this stuff choo. I don't have to really understand it to be able to appreciate it - which is just as well because I struggle to get my head around it. But if there are positive things coming from your experiences then that's go to be good. Stay safe!


That's ok Bugged. Unless you've had a peak behind the veil, then this stuff is very hard to grasp. Before I went to Rythmia I was in the same boat. My message really, is there is way more out there than what we are led to believe. The good thing is more and more people are waking up to the possibilities every day. Mother Earth is raising her own vibration (Schumann frequency) which in turn is raising ours.

Atta girl!!! So happy you decided to share your journey with everyone. Seriously, with billions of people on the planet all at different stages of awakening you just never know who will suddenly find you because they need to. ❤

What a crazy night!!! Sounds like you're really levelling up and stepping into yourself 🤗 Its amazing and I'm so proud of you choo xxxx


Thanks Arly. Yes, I listened to what you said. And you're right, I am looking for stuff all the time to see if other people can help me understand what's going on.

Wow, I have missed a couple of stories. This night does sound wild.


It really was. And it's got crazier since then. This is why I was hesitant to blog it.

Yay for level up! And that thing with seeing all the colours regardless of what your eyelids are doing well welcome to my normal 🤣 (I actively suppress the colours to almost transparent so it’s easier to see normally though given my eyes that’s debatable anyway 🤣)

Also cool that you were able to help people with all their tangles 😄 and glad there was a lot of healing, that does sound like a crazy night!

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Wow. I don't see the energy/colours in my regular day-to-day life but I can imagine what that's like. You should explore your talents Ry and what this means and what you can do. You clearly have some. Talk to Arly too. She's very open to everything and I'm the only person she knows who is open to all this so she needs more woke friends. Also, it doesn't have to be plant medicine, there's plenty of other practices you can explore. Most of the really crazy stuff I'm doing now is in shamanic journeying. Plant medicine has obviously helped (and opened my eyes in a big way), but I'm getting all kinds of messages and doing some major ancestral healing work through these other means.


I usually find out if I can do something if there's a problem to solve XD (that's how I pretty much do life) don't really have time to explore anything :S

When I can get to tai chi I think that's pretty much enough XD I've been feeling pretty muted lately but I don't know if it's due to being constantly and relentlessly drained or if after the tai chi merrily opened up who knows what and stuff was uncontrollably crazy for a while this is actually normal and I just feel pissweak XD


The past month with the eclipses and mercury in retrograde has been crazy and affected a lot of people's energy. I don't think it's just you right now. Hopefully this new moon will shift things forward.


Panama sounds amazing and honestly wouldn't mind moving the fam somewhere else at the moment.

I'm a but like Ry I get stuff done when something needs to be done.

As for energies and connection and the like.. Heaps of planetary action going on this year it's been intense but new moon just happened and I believe mercury retro either just finished or is close to it so we should get a bit of breathing space this month.

Watch out for the 8/8 gateway energy too. That's always a good time of the year.

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Yes the Leo Gateway or whatever it is from now until 8/8.


You're the only I know on Steemit Choo.
My Facey is filled with "woke" people but I realised being woke means jack shit. It's how you operate that matters the most.

When I started this journey in 2012 I jumped right in with the intention of finding my tribe and I found a bunch of people but quickly realised just cos peeps are upgraded don't mean shit.

There's some shifty, messed up, really gifted people out there.

Thus why I steer away from the "movement"


Yeah, fair enough. I get that for sure. I feel very lucky to have found a genuine tribe of woke people here in Panama. I know why I was called here now. Before I thought it was past lives calling me back to Latin America (I know of 2), but now I know my spiritual awakening is also playing a major role. I know Australia is not where I'm supposed to be at this point in my life.

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