Healing Naturally From Thyphoid: Back from the dead!

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Why do we get ill, and what is the value in going through a healing process naturally, as opposed to grabbing some antibiotics?

I have returned, reborn and cleansed from my very core. My entire body and soul has endured great suffering and pain as I have been pushed through the looking glass and onto the other side of my being. My heart is open and warm, and my tears flow almost randomly with my emotions, so open and gentle, and so vulnerable. I can feel again, I can feel everything again and it is beautiful. I cry for being awake again after a long time in the darkness, in the hole. Worn down over many months of doom, now dispelled.

Getting seriously ill is one of the greatest gifts that my body has given me. When we are ill we should take note of what our bodies are telling us. We are incredibly powerful, and we must honour what our body is saying when it gifts is with sickness or injury. By going through this process of healing naturally, without taking any medication at all, i was able to go on an inner voyage and reclaim my natural state of being. I knew just what to do, and followed my body's and minds signals all the way. I wrapped up very warm at night and let myself sweat like a waterfall all night long, all whilst wreathing in pain as every part of my body hurt deep in my muscles and bones from head to toe! There was no position that gave any relief, my emotions were shattered, and i just caved in and broke down, letting everything go and surrendering to my mortality. On it went for three days and nights, no food, no energy or ability to move, no one around at all! I managed to stay hydrated and followed my desire to drink lime water with a little salt and maple syrup. I had some clove tea made from freshly ground up cloves.

That is what I needed, to let everything go.. All the pain, all the suffering, all the attachments. All the daily thoughts and patterns needed to change, and this is how it happened. The process of being ill itself is the medicine. The journey that we go on when we suffer, and we do the work is what we should be looking to understand. When we ignore it and take medicines that suppress it all, we miss the whole point and we get weaker. Allopathic medicine often-times misses the point of healing, and how to heal. Two of my friends who live nearby are still taking their pills and potions even after two weeks, unable to resolve their problem, and today one of them... Prakash, is going to the hospital for a third time to be put on a drip to try to pump him full of more toxic medicines. That path sometimes does not work, because sometimes we need to be ill and learn. Right now i just cry, just like that.. Deep emotions come and flow out, it feels beautiful and before it was just stuck. That is the worst way to be, to be stuck, holding so much emotion back that you have no enerfy left to live.

As synchonicity would have it, a VERY old Israeli friend who I hadnt seen in 22 years turned up out of the blue on the foruth day, just when i was able to stand up and not feel pain. I didnt even recognise her, but it was perfectly timed, and we talked sitting on the doorstep watching the clouds dance through the valley over the mountains. Maya related to me her story, with her eyes WIDE OPEN. In her case she had just tasted the local magical mushrooms, and she was in ecstasy! What an incredible way to meet her again, both of us in altered states, and a kind of synchonicity that is beyond coincidence. Maya had been on many medicines for depression for some time, and a few months ago had done what no doctor would advise, she just gave it all up. Maya went through hell and back, and now she found the real path to heal.. finally she is safe and feeling better then she ever has, travelling india and practicing her meditation and yoga in sacred places in a healthy spiritual environment. She also was pushed to the edge of her being to let go of everything she was holding on to.

If you have been ill for a long time, and have kept trying what your doctor prescribes,.. but it never really solves the issue, then maybe listen to this message. Perhaps your body is talking to you, and wants to help you heal. Louise Hay was a very special holistic healer. She practiced holistic healing in the deepest sense, and was able to understand how each illness related to certain emotions in us that were out of balance. You can see a list below, maybe you can relate to some of them?


So, I am back, feeling like a new person with my eyes wide open again. I can feel a natural positivity and positive energy coursing through my veins, i feel SO clear again! WOW! I am now primed and ready for the next adventure! There is still work to do, the healing never ends, life is a spiral and we just go ever deeper into all that we know. All i know right now is that for the first time in a VERY long time, i WANT TO DANCE MY ASS OFF!!

With Massive thanks to my amazing cats Forest & Grace , for sitting on me day and night, literally every moment, through this journey ;-)





I have in fact just been dancing my ass off for about an hour, to some liquid drum n bass. After about an hour of hard dancing, i have not broken a sweat, my heart rate is just 90 bpm and im not even out of breath. I feel SO strong, it is incredible. Scratching my head as to why i have this much power, i suddenly rememberer.. My dear friend hart gave me a litre of a special medicinal mushroom, i have to find the name of it.. Hart is a mushroom guru, and spends much of his time growing, eating, and spreading his passion for healing with mushrooms. He said it was some super turbo charged mix that had more antioxidants than anything else he knew of... He gave me a few other natural potions as well yesterday, so big hands up to the Mushrooms, they are really something!

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So glad to see you back again, @eco-alex. And reading that you conquered typhoid fever without any medication feels amazing! I agree, things happen for a reason, including contracting a disease, and letting your body take its course, subjecting it to every part of the ailment, you are pushing it to really get better on its own. Then it also makes sense that it would stay better and stronger. Respect, and congrats! :-)

Wow great story thanks for sharing your journey!! I love Louise Hay and heavily use affirmations for healing as well. I healed myself of an auto immune thyroid disease and have been off all meds for 4 years now! I truly believe in what you've presented here. We can't hand our power over to Dr's and pills and expect to heal. Real healing takes the inner work and that inner work ripples out and heals not only the body also the people who get to be around us healed, it heals them in ways too. Thanks again for the great post, and the good reminder I need to dance today! Nothing like a good dance to feel in the flow. Lots of love 💜💕🙏🏻

Damn, bearing pain from Typhoid and sickness seems unbearable. You have proven to be iron man @eco-alex. Sometimes, its important we let our bodies heal from sickness but before we do, we should be aware of what we are sick of and how we can deal with it naturally.
Mushrooms are dope and the amount of energy you get from a mushroom juice is unimaginable.
Glad you are healthy and stronger. Welcome back from the land of the dead @eco-alex.

Very Good to Hear!!
I personally have up in them (Doc's) long ago.
And have been in a "Homeopathic" path for awhile,
And am healthier than ever before!
You know yourself better than any person "trained" in generic medicine.
It is too widespread to be specific!
Glad Your Back!
Many Blessings To You!

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So what was the practice that helped you heal and what was the timelines ?


i went through it, i was stuck in bed in pain basically for three days and nights.. but got up a few times only to hydrate and try to move a bit...


So all this are results of meditation I believe ? What I am trying to ask here, is what does it take to heal naturally from Thyroid ? Because I know many people suffer from that.

Glad to have you back feeling well and strong again, Alex!

So often the things we view as "bad" or "tragic" are really harbingers of hope, and gateways to periods of extraordinary growth.

I have had that happen, both with physical ailments, and with profound grief.

But the thing is, although the latter was by far the most painful period in my life, I wouldn't trade it if I could, because it brought me so much farther than anything else possibly could have.

And, even though it was close to twenty years ago, I haven't stopped learning its lessons. As you say, life's a spiral, and our learning grows and matures as we go forward.

I'm not much into dancing, but I think I could definitely use a dose of that mega-antioxidant mushroom, having been dealing with low energy of late, so if you find out the species, I'd love a heads up.

Have a wonderful day and I hope it finds you well and happy!

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I am so very glad to hear that you are feeling better and even stronger than before. Thank you for these inspirational and moving words. For me, it's not a physical ailment or even a mental one but a feeling of being in limbo for a long time. Of course, I've been the one holding myself there. I am now in the process of purging the old beliefs, habits and programming that I've been unaware of or holding onto for "security". Death (of the ego) becomes easier each time I experience it and choose to embrace it instead of fighting against it.

Love and blessings to you, my friend.

I want some of those mushrooms!!! Lol. Whar incredible energising medicine they can contain! Let us know if you find the name.

I am so glad you are better. It must have been a tough few days, especially if you were on lonesome! It definitely sounds as if your body was healing you both inside and out. Through suffering, joy! So much beautiful joy in this post.. you are positively exhuberant!!


Thank u! And the mushroom concoction was Chaga , ;)


Ah good old chaga, chugging the train along!! Love it!


haha, yeah what else // right! ;-)

Nice looking..Anyway thanks for share your valuable information.

True MAGIC and music to my ears. Yes, as you know I have walked this path for a long time. Healing crisis, a deep allowing followed by profound clarity. And then the next layer. My ayahuasca journey has changed me forever - I, too, am a great believer in the power of medicinal and psychedelic mushrooms. I'm looking for a mycologist at present to study with here in Thailand. :)

LOVE to see your radiant self beaming, and SO VERY HAPPY you have passed through the crucible and emerged cleaner and clearer and purer of heart.

Sending love to the Earthship Karuna. Yes, the medicine always arrives when we have most need and, more importantly, are READY for her wisdom!

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There is so much pain that I feel in your words. It takes a lot of conviction to follow the path of natural healing process. As you so rightly said that falling ill is in itself a healing process for the body where you can release all the toxins and the blocked up emotions at the deepest level.
I am glad you are feeling better now and getting back to life with life.

It's good to see you reborn strong and happy, Alex. You burned pain and suffering to come to light with more strength and enthusiasm. Cheers, brother!

Smiled reading this.

Try being a health professional telling people their illness is the medicine to something greater in their lives!

Only some people dare enter such a ritual...


ha! and imagine paying someone to tell you this! lol.....
but the truth it is...


Having said that, you'd be surprised (or maybe not) how many folk were willing to think outside the box and go with it.... Results speak for themselves too!


yeah, i mean the results are stunning.. really.. because ive managed to kick out a few other things that were lingering.. in particular ive had a flu virus for over a year.. my body was always a bit achie walking up the mountain.. very weak muscles and sore.. i almost got used to it.. NOW my muscles feel like new again,, 100% sore free going up the hill.. it was like a full reset!

Glad to hear that, go plant-based for further improvements

What an incredible journey of healing!
Being taken right to the edge really makes you more appreciative of the life we have.
So happy you are fully back and ready to continue on renewed!
Good lesson to us all and hopefully we can learn it without having to go through that tremendous suffering you went through!
Thanks so much for sharing this healing experience it is quite a different perspective than what commonly is given on illness!
Be well and happy!