The Herb Challenge || Why I Am Now In Search Of The Tulsi/Holy Basil...


When I saw this challenge, I immediately knew I had to give my Basil its 5 minutes 30 seconds of fame. After all it is the first and only herb growing in my backyard. I live in a high rise, which means my planting escapades are limited by space and soil. So when these fellas popped their heads out, I was ecstatic.

To give credit where it's due, it is actually The Hubs who is the gardener here. I am the Official Finger Pointer... I want this, that, those and I want it here, there and how about.....

IMG_5623 2.jpgIMG_5624 2.jpg

Oh, Aren't they gorgeous?

My love for Basil came about when I was introduced to Thai cuisine many moons ago. My go to one dish meal is always the Spicy Basil Chicken/Prawn/Beef Rice. Yumzzzzz. In another part of the world, it is common in Italian food.

But today, it is not the Basil I want to highlight but what is sometimes referred to as the Holy Basil. Perhaps because they are both from the Lamiaceae family and look similar but Tulsi is not Basil.

I remember my grandmother would pluck a couple of these Tulsi leaves and pop them into her mouth first thing in the morning. She would urge us all to do the same saying it was good for us. Of course that argument never wins with a kid.

Growing these plants are quite common with the Indians. They are used for religious and traditional medicines and is popular in Ayurveda. Even kids are named after them. It means the "incomparable one".

That flower that sticks out is the way I identify the Tulsi plant
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So now why did my Grandmother and then my mother have these around?

Here is what I found surfing on the net. Article after article spewing the benefits of the Tulsi. Their medicinal properties are used to help with these ailments:

👉🏿 Bronchitis, Asthma, Sinusitis
👉🏿 Colds, Coughs, Flu, Sore Throats
👉🏿 High Blood Pressure
👉🏿 High Cholesterol
👉🏿 Malaria
👉🏿 Headaches, Earaches and Eye Disorders
👉🏿 Diarrhoea
👉🏿 Nausea and Vomiting
👉🏿 Eczema & Skin Diseases
👉🏿 Stomach ulcers, Gastric Disorders, Intestinal Parasites
👉🏿 Kidney Stones
👉🏿 Cancer
👉🏿 Joint Pain and Rheumatoid Arthritis
👉🏿 Insect bites
👉🏿 Headaches, Earaches and Eye Disorders
👉🏿 Diabetes and Blood Sugar Imbalances
👉🏿 Emotional and Physical Stress
👉🏿 Thyroid and Metabolism

The list goes on and on and on. There are also side effects especially if they are taken with your prescribed meds for Heart and Sugar Levels and may cause Infertility in men. Here are three sites I went to that covered most of what the Tulsi can do for you.

Reading all of this and more, I am now going to go look for the seeds to plant them and I believe my bestie has some growing in her garden. My son has had this cough for months now, and I have tried so many different things for him. Even though I know he is probably going to fight me on this (as we already know "it's good for you" is not convincing), I am now hoping this could be the answer.

This is my entry for @naturalmedicine's "Herb" Challenge. Thank you @naturalmedicine for this opportunity that led me find out more than just the Tulsi, "It's Good For You" :D


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I've been meaning to try and get this plant since I watched a medicinal herbs series. There were lots of useful plants mentioned, but many won't grow in our climate. Tulsi should, hopefully.

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Yes, I am thinking probably Australia should be okay

I managed to get some seeds to plant and some leaves from my friend and her mother suggested, boiling the Tulsi, Oregano, cumin seeds with rock sugar for cough and cold
The boy drank it without kicking up a fuss
Nothing like sugar to camouflage the herbs ;p


Haha. That reminds me of the song from the movie Mary Poppins: A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

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Woww..that is a lot of basil...hmm..tulsi look abit like it taste like?

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Right?... need to cook some Thai dishes :)

The Tulsi leaves a bitter ... but manageable bitter ;p

Hey, good to see you around here ...

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Do you know that most herbs have exactly the same if it comes to.medical aid or preventing illnesses.
To be honest I do not believe it cures Malaria or cancer.

Your plant looks lovely. I only have lavender left and the wolves love it too.. hardly any Bush survived ☹

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I am not surprised
As I was regaling my friend of all these benefits, joking that we'll never need a doctor ever again.. she told me about Black Sesame... cited as the new super food with similar benefits...

I think everything doesn't work for everybody
I had a trusted person who swore her sister drank Alkaline Water which cured her Stage 3 cancer and then I have my mother and did nada for her
That's just one example...

Right? I love that Basil... hahaha
I better find a way to eat them instead of just admiring them every morning :)


You can add it to your sauces, salad, some kinds of meat, plenty of options.

I think we never can be sure what cures what. No body is the same and no disease is.

Happy day 💕


Will get to using them
Thank you 💗

Funny you should mention this, but my tulsi basil seeds that @sagescrub sent me just poked their heads from the soil!!!


How exciting :)

I just managed to get some seeds from my friend's garden
And her mother said "Just throw it on soil... it will grow!!"
So I am hoping she's right or I will have to go back to her for more ...haha

I'll have to get some Tulsi seeds from @sagescrub now too @riverflows. Great to know that they went through our Oz customs.

@kaerpediem I just bought some dried leaf Tulsi tea from our health store today. Great to learn of all its benefits. Thank you. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


You are most welcome @allyinspirit 💗

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thank you so much :D