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Long post here. BUT I believe it is WORTH the time to read. I'm feeling very passionate right now and needed to write.

I, admittedly so, like some of you, had let a little of the fear creep in lately. Not of the virus because to be honest, I'm not afraid of the virus. I was afraid of the reaction of the people. Of potential mayhem. Of some of the conspiracy theories. I don't have a TV. I don't watch the news. And I seldom scroll through the doom and gloom posts on social media because it hurts my heart and I do get sucked in. I prefer it this way because those kinds of things make you vibrate low and seriously eat at your soul. Lately, in the wake of the events, if I was to get on to social media to post something positive, I saw 10 negative posts....posts out of fear, of the what-ifs, of the look what is happening, of the oh boy here we go....etc. Yes, it is uncertain times.... and yes it is very sad of the lives lost, of the jobs lost, of the challenges we all face moving forward. But I BEG you to step back for a moment and look at the little bit of BEAUTY in it all. Yes, there is some beauty in this. Allow me to explain.

I saw some posts on a local mom's page of people sad and scared and in need of food. What I saw that followed was an outpour of support. People offering encouraging words, and even offering food. I saw a post about people in Italy trying to make the best of the situation while being mandated to quarantine...they were having balcony parties to help ease the seriousness of the situation. I saw posts of food chains and help offers. I see our local companies asking for help and I see citizens buying gift cards and doing what they can to support. I see posts of landlords who own the property they are renting outright telling their tenants not to worry about paying rent for the next month or maybe even two. I see people rationing and consuming LESS which helps create LESS waste, LESS utility use, LESS toll on the Earth so even the Earth is getting a much-needed break. I see people turning back to their roots, growing food, preserving food, wild foraging, and homesteading. I read a report that the murky waters of Venice, which are usually really yucky, are actually CLEAR and clean from the break. I see family time and memories being made. I see a MUCH needed break happening. Our society has gotten into a habit of consumerism, of hustle and bustle, of work work work. Some families wake up at the wee hours of the morning, have a quick bite to eat and rush to send their kids off to school where they sit inside all day while their parents are working their tails off to pay bills. They get home just in time to make a quick dinner, rush off to bed, and do it all again. Some folks work 2 and 3 jobs to make ends meet.

Now I know this isn't exactly the way we would like a break to happen, there is actually some beauty and blessings in this all. So if you take a moment to just retreat to your homes as is recommended, and just take some TIME to BE with your family. Take a deep breath, relax, and if you are in the comfort of your own home then you don't have to be concerned about the virus. If you are relaxing, sleeping, eating healthy, sip some herbal teas and take some elderberry syrup, getting out to your back yards....gardening, growing food (if you aren't already NOW is the time to start!), playing basketball with your kids, tossing the ball to your dog, whatever it is you do....you will help strengthen your immune system. If you live alone and are not comfortable with this 'alone time' either push past your boundaries and try to love yourself for who you are and LEARN to be comfortable in the silence....or if you are feeling too lonely, you can still BE with family and friends via distance video chat. I have planned a video chat family game night with my sisters who live all over the USA. Banned together as a HUMAN RACE and pull each other UP! Nothing is more powerful than LOVE. Nothing.

So what I am saying is, try hard to focus on the beauty of the situation....even when the ugly is in your face. Vibrate HIGH my loves. That frequency will spread and powerful things happen when we all vibrate high. Now it took this revelation for me to get here because I like you was a little concerned too! But I woke up and with my morning meditation, it came to me. A feeling, a wave, a call to action. Maybe it was my view from my firepit pictured below.... either way, now I call YOU to action. I BEG you to take part. Did this lift you up?? If so, SHARE IT! Lift someone else up too!!

I'll post a few POSITIVE posts in the comments below. PLEASE feel free to add a positive post you have seen in the comments below and PLEASE share this! Make THIS go viral!! Just like we did when we did "Hands Across The Sand" which was a hand-in-hand prayer chain that went for miles across the beach in FL when we faced crises years ago, we CAN still do a prayer chain via internet! VIBRATE HIGH!! You ARE love, You ARE LOVED, you are whole, you are blessed, you are amazing.

~Kindred Acres


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