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While on vacation in the Dominican Republic some friends mentioned me a very famous drink, it is Mamajuana. Which has all kinds of properties this drink, increased sexual vigor, prevention against some diseases. One of the components is an herb classified as an aphrodisiac, Petiveria Alliacea.
What is certain is that its taste is genuine and depending on the hand that prepared it, it becomes an intense, tasty and ideal drink to drink after coffee, in the place where we arrived the inhabitants of the area taught me how to prepare it. drink. The bottle is full of some spices, roots and pieces of wood native to the country's vegetation.
This drink can be prepared in an artisanal way and is the best way for its result to be excellent.



-Privates Dominicans: Indian Bejuco, Brazil Wood, Canelilla, Anamú, Behuco Caro, Timacle, Maguey, Marabel, Sweet clove, Behuco sticks stick (There is no rule in the use of these herbs but the more the better and are essential to get the authentic mamajuana)
-It can add spices such as cinnamon, vanilla, star anise or ginger.

As they explained to me, first it is necessary to introduce in the bottle, as they had given me an empty bottle of mamajuana I did in preparation in the same bottle so I started with a few spoonfuls of honey, according to the sweetness you want for your final concoction you will add more or less (a minimum of three tablespoons) a small cup of wine. It is allowed to "cure" a week or so.
-After the week the wine is removed from the bottle and filled with rum with a little wine and a thousand.
-The mixture is allowed to macerate another week, so the rum will acquire a pleasant flavor of roots, leaves and branches.
-Finally let it rest a few days before you start enjoying this comforting drink.
The brew was used to end colds, coughs, flu and various body conditions. The potential and healthy effects of these natural products in the human organism have been confirmed. It has been proven that chemical components such as resveratrol, dissolved in wine, can extend the life of our cells. Cinnamon, for example, is a spice that helps maintain control of sugar in diabetics.

The best of all is that the species in the bottle can last up to ten years and the process of aromatizing the rum can be done and repeated as many times as we like. As the process continues, the roots lose their bitterness and increase their nuances.
I hope you enjoyed my publication.

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