Exploring the Healing Power of Food: Win Over 40 Steem in Prizes!

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Mine's more of a story about what I removed from my food to improve my health, but hopefully it's still appropriate.

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What a fabulous challenge! I can't wait to read the entries.....and maybe submit my own. Thanks @naturalmedicine for the ongoing inspiration

This is just so awesome and so great because I can share some of my stories and I can see and learn from other peoples stories and I love, love experiencing and learning all about natural medicine, so thank you @naturalmedicine.

What an awesome contest! I have been missing my engagement with the @naturalmedicine group. Really apreesh the resteem @walkerland 💚❤🧡

hey @naturalmedecine !

here’s my entry : https://steemit.com/dtube/@anttn/cp6e4lmtl21

I hope you had a fabulous weekend !

so it's another contest again from you guy's. Lucky to live in province that many natural medicine can help us instead of relying on doctor and drugs.

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Of course! We have a challenge every fortnight! Hope you can join in the fun!

Changing your diet can make such a huge difference in your life both physically, mentally and spiritually so I'm very much looking forward to entering 😁

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This challenge totally has my name on it!! #foodismedicine

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Looks like a cool comp. Only thing is you've got the deadline listed as June 27th @naturalmedicine

Is it July 27th?

Ha ha, not so bothered now as I've just written my entry ;-)


I'm definitely making time to join in on the fun for this one!

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I expect tons of entries from you!!


No pressure, haha! ;)

Wow ! Fantastic I would love to join the contest.
I got so much to share, based on my experience.


Fabulous, share away!

Here is my entry for this first week of the Natural Medicine Challenge https://steemit.com/naturalmedicine/@porters/we-are-what-we-eat-really

Quite interesting one..love to see some.delicious stuff for sure....is it ok to share some non-vegan story...i had one....apart from sharing other stuff

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We can't all be vegans! There's plenty of health food stories that aren't vegan, for sure! Don't you worry about that!


Ohhh....glad👍 getting ready for my story or actually as it happened

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Here is my story..I have tried to explain what food means to me and my food journey.
:) :)

I'm in, and not late :)


I resteemed the the post for the second week, @riverflows. Assuming that is ok, but please let me know if not.

This is an awesome contest. I'm happy to find @naturalmedicine in Steemit. I know I would surely back read most of your posts, since I believe that I would benefit much!

Here's my link: