Hump Day Winner #9 @choogirl: Exploration of Ayahuasca

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Yay, thank you so much for the recognition. I'm glad people have enjoyed this series. I've certainly enjoyed writing them.


Congratulations - well deserved! I've been reading through your posts one after the other and wow! Such an intense experience. It seems like such a deep dive and I'm not sure I could go back for more over and over again like that - I'd need long breaks between just to process and understand it all. Thanks so much for sharing this, I find it all very fascinating.


Oh thank you for the comment. I've actually got 2 more I haven't written up yet. One I started today but it won't be until tomorrow or Friday that I finish it.

I had a month between the first 4 and the second 4. For me it was long enough, but I understand that everyone is different. For me, journaling everything I can remember the next day is a good start to the integration process. But then writing them as blog posts helps me process what happened even more. The fact that other people like reading them is just a bonus really.

That is such a buzz to get this kind of recognition choogirl. You wrote very in depth posts about your experiences. You deserve this.


Thanks Angie.

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