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'Woke up in the mornin', got a yearnin' for 'erb' is the dub reggae song that ALWAYS comes into my head when I get a craving for .... basil. 🤣🤣🤣

This challenge is asking you to focus on a HERB - it could be your favourite herb, or maybe one that you've never tried before. Maybe someone's given you a heap of tarragon and you think, wtf, I've only ever seen this in my Grandma's vinegar. Maybe you've walked past your neighbours overhanging rosemary bush more than one time this month and have thought about how you only ever use rosemary in potatoes. Maybe you're thinking that M is for Mint and Mojitos, and that you never use mint in anything else, and what's it really good for anyway? Maybe you make a kick-ass combo herb tea or a medicinal oil - once one of our Steemfolk made a salve out of chilli! You don't want to get that in your eyes!

This challenges ask you to get creative with your 'erbs, however you might pronounce it (why do some people drop that 'h', anyway?)


We don't just want a boring old post titled 'The Benefits of Vietnamese Mint for Health' - 😴😴 yaaaawwwwwwnnnnn 😴😴..... we want you to get creative with it!

Some ideas:

  • write, paint or draw a celebration of a herb of your choice (hey, you could even sing a song!)
  • create a recipe for a salve, a salad dressing, a meal
  • create a herbal cure for something that's ailing you
  • share what YOU do with your favourite herb
  • create a witches garden full of medicinal herbs

You might wish to include some or all of the following:

  • a little bit of history
  • personal anecdotes
  • some science or research about it's medicinal uses.

Check out the Natural Medicine Cheat Sheet if you'd like to know more about what makes a readable post that could win you some steem!


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Thank you so much.. I hope to use steempeak or steemit next time.

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Hi @olivia08, please can you insert your link as a Steemit or Steempeak link?


So much appreciated, l just found this comment now.

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aah, I so much want to join, but I probably won't have time to get down to this stuff again before some time in September, but I guess more challenges will come up.. someday I'll be back for sure. Missing all this herb sharing beauty a lot! <3


We miss you too! It must be a busy summer there!

delegated ya 50sp matety! @naturalmedicine


AW, that's lovely! Thankyou!

Upvoted and resteemed. Here's my first entry:

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I'm on it! I got my herb all picked out for it was one that did incredibly well for me this year so I'll be doing more research on uses for it anyways so might as well put that research into my Natural Medicine Herb Challenge post!

Dizzy Lizzy here with a Culinary Pot Pourri of 'erbs, hope you enjoy it :)


Oooh, just finished mine, but now I'm coming over to sample yours!

This is great! Thank you for hosting this. I've upvoted and resteemed. I'd like to add my entry.


Wow that's quick @kindredacres! Love your name, by the way!


Thanks!! :)

I think I know what I'll write about

Here's my entry for the Natural Medicine Herb Challenge - a wonderful challenge it is!
Let's not forget that tantalizing cat mint that acts just like cat nip to your cats, making them all frisky, yet has a calming effect on humans - try a cup of calming catmint tea.

Enjoyed putting this entry together for this amazing challenge:

Topics very interesting and that leaves us something to learn, here my entry

Hey what a cool list of supporters and delegators. Give them some herb.


Herbs for all!

Very nice topic for this challenge @naturalmedicine !

here's my entry :

Keep the good work up !



That was FAST! I will warch it soon!!

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indeed, I immediately thought to write that one about sorrel, I love that plant soo much !! Thanks you for your true work of quality @riverflows, keep it up :))