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We LOVE the creativity of Steemians and how they 'make their own' rather than rely on store bought products that contain unhealthy ingredients or are too costly. That was the focus of this challenge, and it was awesome to see people rolling up their sleeves and getting on with it. @porters was rather last minute both with the post and getting her chickweed in just as it was starting to snow!

Cannabis Roots Don't Throw Them Out by @in2itiveart
Chickweed Balm by @porters
Rose Water Toner by @riverflows (not eligible)
Natural Deodorant by @riverflows (not eligible)
Healthy Soft Drinks by @stortebeker
Triphala for Stomach Problems by @saun
Chocolate Seeds Balls by @trucklife-family
WeedKiller by @thebigsweed
Chicken Broth by @owasco
Want to Find the Natural Secrets by @chirreerocks

Thanks to all of you who resteemed the post - .25 SBD coming your way (mainly because I accidentallly clicked the wrong button it was meant to be steem - but hey! Nice to support you!)

@crosheille @stortebeker @dougbudlong @xabi @trucklife-family @chireerocks @consciousangel7 @tryskele @olivia08 @hafizullah @riverflows @anggreklestari @lotusfleur @dwiitavita @mrnightmare89 @thebigsweed @saun @porters @owasco @farm-mom

We LOVED the poem by @chirreerocks, who always puts in his best effort. Congratulations, @chirreerocks, you won 5 Steem! Although you didnt really write about a product, the desire to use natural medicines really comes across in this passion piece and it's nice to reward such creativity!


We had 8 entries this week, and that divided so well into 40 Steem we thought we'd reward everyone 5 Steem each - it was THAT had to decide anyway, so spreading the love around feels like the right thing to do.

All other entries win some LOTUS, so keep an eye out and stake when it arrives. Please can you double check your wallets and DM @riverflows by messaging her on Discord if your Lotus or Steem did not arrive. She is only human and sometimes transactions do not go as planned, despite best intentions!.

Did you know that you can earn Lotus just by staking, and posting from our front end?

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A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

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@naturalmedicine, Thank you so much for your kind mention and words team. Definitely it's a boost and encouragement. Stay blessed.

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Thank you so much
Congratulation for all winner

A big thanks to @naturalmedicine, and all of the people who do one heck of a job each and every week, putting this great idea into practice.


You are welcome. And thanks for getting involved - people MATTER! Without you, we are nothing xxx

Congratulations all entrants.

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Such a wonderful collection of make it yourself posts - I got some awesome ideas!
Thanks so much for sharing the Steem awards around and also for the SBD!

Congratulations to all the winners and participants for their efforts :-)

@tipu curate

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yeah everyone's a winner, that's the way to do it xxxxx

Thank you, it was my pleasure to participate, and I'm honored to be among the winners!

Thanks so much for the mention, keeping an eye on you and I like what I see.😉

I am currently in my native Village and network is not good here

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Thank you!

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