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The title may give it away but that is the least of it. The book was written for everyone who ever asked for help or would ask for help in the future.

Let me take a step back to tell you how the book came into existence.

Over the years I developed a broad knowledge base and of course did the typical mommy thing before that of researching everything natural while pregnant. Now, I’m someone who wants actual data to back up any claims or statements so every single thing I did or said could be backed up with actual citations.
I knew my choices would be questioned constantly which motivated me to use in-depth learning like armour. It worked. Doctors don’t argue with me, they just give me exactly what I asked for after getting clarification on my reasoning.


I am blessed to be living in Canada where we have universal healthcare, however plenty of other mothers I came to know through facebook groups where located in the USA.
Being the type A personality that I am, I had to share knowledge when a desperate mum needed help. The information shared was correct and effective so many times I ended up with complete strangers messaging me, desperate for a thread of hope after doctors had failed them.
At the peak I had 20 or 30 people messaging me per week.


I want to clarify that I walked the thin line carefully so that I was not diagnosing anything. I had zero interest in doing jail time for trying to help people.

I would ask questions to gain context and then share my perspective. Then I would give them reading materials to help them do research so they could make their choice. Wherever it was needed I would urge them to get certain tests done with their doctor. Tests such as full spectrum allergy tests and blood panels.
Once they knew what to ask for most could stand their ground and get the care they needed for themselves or their children.


As fulfilling as this was it was also exhausting, legally questionable, and limited the number of people who benefit from the knowledge.
I sat back and thought about the best way to help people take control over their health, eventually I settled on writing “The Natural Path”.
The established knowledge base allowed me to write the book in about 18 months, citations and all.
The book starts at epigenetics to give context for any health choices we make and takes the reader all the way through to making their own remedies from scratch. Believe it or not it’s a beginners introduction.
In addition I also developed the “quick reference data sheet” or QRDS, the QRDS was actually developed to solve my memory overload problem. I have a good memory but I’m also human so I wanted to make sure the same information was given every single time.
A QRDS is a full profile for a plant/oil/other medicinal substance that includes biologically relevant chemicals, properties, cautions, ect… The nature of the QRDS made it a no brainer to put it in the book, each medicinal substance such as any essential oils or herbs got it’s own QRDS.
Without checking my table of contents I believe there is more than 40 unique QRDS in the book.
The sheets took the longest to put together for the book because I had to reference a special database, studies, and textbooks to write each one. Now I’ve done a total of 138 sheets just for essential oils plus the 30-40 for herbs, roughly 10 for non-herbal medicinal substances. Many more will be developed for a huge database I’m slowly working towards building. All of the essential oil ones can be found in a web app I built to educate people on safe essential oil usage. 10 essential oils are covered in the book along with their QRDS.

Screenshot 2019-08-04 at 12.42.29 AM.png

Screenshot 2019-08-04 at 12.40.19 AM.png

Screenshot 2019-08-04 at 12.38.49 AM.png

This year I’m also working on expanding the book dramatically, however this will take about 2 years to complete so it will be a while before the new version is released. I want to take it from beginners introduction to a full blown course in one book.

If you would like to see the web app simply put https://www.theoilapothecary.ca into your MOBILE browser. You can view it on a computer but the interface was designed for mobile so it looks a little strange anywhere else.

You can find my book on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/natural-path-introduction-health-familes-ebook/dp/B01LYMRBYZ/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

Images are from my book and pixabay.


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Congratulations on the book already done and I hope all goes smoothly with the expansion.

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thank you!

Impressive!! I sooooo loved the cover! :) Starting with epigenetics? again - am impressed.

It's SUCH a fine line to walk legally, and I admire you for venturing out on the tightrope. GREAT addition to the challenge and I hope we can all support and encourage you during this next 2 year expansion-research-edit phase.

Kudos to you!

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is that possible? I can add it for sure

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Doctors don’t argue with me, they just give me exactly what I asked for after getting clarification on my reasoning.

You are a force to be reckoned with! Off to check out those links. Your meticulous nature has clearly led to something pretty informative, detailed, well supported and an amazing resource foe those who need it. Wow!

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ahaha yeah I definitely am not someone to be messed with!

So awesome! I would love to see this on Homesteaders Coop! I can so appreciate all that time and energy you put in to researching all the appropriate support for your findings. That mix of science and natural medicine really appeals to me. Good luck with the continued growth of your book!


thanks! I've applied to be a vendor on the coop

Well done on your book Porche. Canada sounds like a good place to live, though I would get cold coming from Africa. Give the doctors a run for their money, they are big pharma drug pushers.

im happy to hear that you reach a point of knowledge that can be useful for everybody even if you don't had pappers thay say's you know! i think we need more people with that interest on self growing to make a better world! (: sending love.