We are What We Eat - Really?


In my adult life, I've been pretty health conscious and an important part of keeping healthy is getting good wholesome foods.

Sometimes, as when my husband was away working and living in camp, our diets aren't the best and we are limited to when we can eat - he would be working late, have his supper and then it wasn't long before he went to bed.

After a long stint of camp life he noticed that he had put on a lot of weight with most of it around his belly and chest. Not a good sign and with some previous issues with high blood pressure I realized that we had to take action.

We started with a major cleanse (a bowel cleanse and a candida cleanse, for we both had been eating a lot of sweets.) This would also do the job of getting our bodies in shape so we can better utilize the foods we take in. We were going for more high quality, organic foods which are more expensive. No more junk foods or highly processed foods, we would be doing more of slow cooking (making a lot of our own stuff from scratch) or no cooking - raw foods.


Because we didn't want to fall back into old eating habits we cleaned out our cupboards and pantry.

No more white sugar, white flour or processed foods. We grew a lot of our own food or bought from local producers so we knew what went into our food.

Funny after that cleanse I lost all my cravings for sweets and my husband lost the weight he needed too! We were feeling better and those health concerns dropped away.


My husband got a little carried away with all these good healthy oils, incorporating it into all different parts of our meals. Plus we were having a lot of sweet fruits with our smoothie binge. He was putting on weight around his chest again and his abdomen plus I was putting on weight in places I didn't want it, which was making me a little uncomfortable.

He was becoming concerned about his health again and one day after I had returned from a weekend with my son and granddaughter, he sprung on me that he was going on this Keto diet. He had done all the research and he was into doing some of the cooking involved with it - he wanted to be a gourmet chef type! That sold me on joining him on this Keto diet which is basically High fat - low carb diet. This meant cutting out those sweet fruit which had become a big part of our diet that was a big change for me.

Once again we cleaned out our cupboards ( my daughter-in-law lucked out there for she was the recipient of a lot of those foods.) We cleaned out our grains, the dried beans, chickpeas and lentils, our dates and raisins (they were way to sweet, for the idea with this diet was to change from our body burning sugars for fuel, to burning fat), pastas, maple syrup, my husband's stash of Demera sugar for his coffee ( he was switching over to bullet coffee) and anything we had made and canned that had sugar in it.

Our Pantry Stocked for Our New Keto Diet

full pantry.JPG

We cleaned out our grains, the dried beans, chickpeas and lentils, our dates and raisins (they were way to sweet, for the idea with this diet was to change from our body burning sugars for fuel, to burning fat), pastas, maple syrup, my husband's stash of Demera sugar for his coffee ( he was switching over to bullet coffee) and anything we had made and canned that had sugar in it.

Benefits from this Keto diet...

The Keto diet simplified our menu and grocery shopping which I liked. It's great to be cooking meals together and to see my husband enthused about meal prep. We lost the weight we wanted and now, after being on the diet for a year, our bodies have become fat adapted. With these high fat meals it lasts a lot longer, so you don't get hungry so quick. I have no problem having those extra blobs of ghee on our veggies and I'm generous with the oils I'm using. No more worrying about eating too much fat!

As part of this Keto diet we incorporated intermittent fasting along with it. That just entailed that we leave a period of at least 14 hours in between our last meal of the day and breakfast the next day. This would give our digestive system a break.

With this I was more conscious of my eating - mindful eating. No more just grabbing a snack out of the fridge. Old habits would start to arise and I would ask myself "am I really hungry or am I eating out of habit?" When we are eating, we are mostly eating to satiation, so we don't have those cravings for anything extra and I've learned to balance my food intake with my activity level.

All in all we are pretty happy with our diet, we have some pretty fine dining and we're both feeling better on this diet which we have completely incorporated into our lifestyle.

You are what you eat?

I think so. If you stuff a bunch of junk in your body you can't expect to feel too great but if you are eating healthy, wholesome foods, live, vibrant foods, you can expect to have better health and be more vibrant!

Pantry image my original, heath and nutrition image from Graphicstock


This post is in response to @naturalmedicine's 'Food as Medicine' Wisdom Challenge. You can read about it [here](https://steempeak.com/naturalmedicine/@naturalmedicine/exploring-the-healing-power-of-food-win-over-40-steem-in-prizes). It's sponsored by Curie and there are over 40 steem worth of prizes on offer. You can write about recipes, particular foods, family memories, special diets - anything you like! Entries until 27 July.


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I came to know about mindful eating a few years before. I'm not actually on to it. Coz I stay busy.
Seeing your pantry stock gives me the essence of your life. You said it correct we are what we eat.

Congratulations @porteros
Without a doubt a great change of habits.
But the benefit is worth the effort.
Did you know that this diet is used by many doctors to treat epilepsy.
My granddaughter has been convulsing and with this diet has improved.
Stay cool


Interesting about your daughter improving from her epilepsy with the Keto diet - glad to hear that! I had heard something about that and if I'm correct that was actually how the ketogenic diet came about - for treating epilepsy.

Fantastic review of a part of your dietary journey. You don't talk too much about exercise which is so important to balance. Perhaps being active is just something you do no matter what your diet?

Great info in your blog yet again.


I was just mainly talking about the food aspect for it is an entry for the @NaturalMedicine "Food as Medicine" challenge but I know the importance of exercise for keeping healthy.

some ups and down on diet and body changes here, Keto would work out really well. I have some people around me who are on Keto but I would suggest think about long term solutions too. You cannot be on keto for whole life.


These diet changes happened over a 15 year time span and we are quite happy with our diet as it is (labeled as Keto diet) and can see no reason for changing it.


Oh happened over 15 years - then sounds like a good deal because it came slowly.

Eh! Hello Saskatchewan! Another Canadian on board. Nice writeup about diets. I’m glad the Keto one is working out for you and Hubby.

I eat reasonably healthy stuff with added bad stuff. I'm a vegetarian, I do eat cheese and go through phases of eating more than I probably should. I also love biscuits.

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It's great that you feel you have found the food habits that best meet your needs. I'm not fat phobic either - food with enough good fat tastes much better! Same for salt actually, also healthy as long as it's a good salt.
A benefit of going for MORE fat (good stuff of course) for me was that dry skin became a thing of the past.
I'm jealous of your pantry. yum.


Yes! We are more liberal with our "good" salts too! That was another benefit is that my skin has become so soft - no more dry skin - yeah!


More fat, less dry skin: I need to try that. Olive oil + tilapia isn't sufficient. No fish oil pills (I swallow enough pills already in a day, and already dodge the magnesium footballs and calcium+D).
WEIGHT LOSS by purging the carbs, even fruit: no!!!! I'm in denial!
... the dried beans, chickpeas and lentils, our dates and raisins, pastas, maple syrup,...and anything we had made and canned that had sugar in it...for Our New Keto Diet
Where is @fitinfun....
I'm stuck with so many food allergies, fruit is one of the few "safe" things. Red meat, pork, sausage, bacon, so many things allowed on a gluten free diet are not ok for me.
I envy those who can eat anything and get away with it. (My husband.)
Keto... Paleo... Mediterranean... whatever I can eat without getting sick AND without getting fat.. I may go on a water diet!

that is great that you have found such a great diet to suit you both, I think that is what it is all about really, because we are all so different and once we listen to our bodies they will tell us what they need. I am vegan and eat no processed foods of refined sugar, I use coconut sugar if I am baking, but that is rare. I would really miss fruit though. Great post @porters xx

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I'm envious! I wish my hubby would take a little interest in food prep, or even just in what he's eating. If I don't cook for him, he eats any crap. He doesn't seem too concerned about that expanding waistline.

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Food is so important. Herbs, berries, fruits, pulses and veggies can really create balanced meals. I love coffee