Rose Flower & Hips Spagyric "Secret Home Elixir.

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Rose Flower & Hips Spagyric Tincture "Secret Home" Elixir.

Properties & Effect Summed Up: "A Guide to the Secret Chamber of the Heart "
Size: 10ml
Ingredients: Organic Damascena Rose Flowers, Rose Hips, Alcohol.

For informational purposes only! My own personal usage guideline:
1-3 Drops for a Mild Connection, great to connect with the energy of the plant during the Day.
3-13 Drops for a Deeper Connection, great in conjunction with meditation/spiritual practices and for communicating with the plants spirit.
+13 Drops Psychoactive for me personally, the rose gives me massaging feeling in head space like from a joint, with warth emanating from heart. Yet not hazy at all, mind silent and clear, heart open.
Dilute in drink of choice! Water, Coffee, Tea, Wine, Beer, any drink works.

My personal Experience with the Elixir:
Not only does it smell and taste divine, but this one is psychoactive for me and not mildly at all. (+13Drops) It is like a cannabis high, but with a silent mind and not hazy whatsoever, super clear, the same massaging feeling in the head region like from a good joint, but with a warmth emanating in the heart area.

If you are interested in making an order I have a limited stock of 19 Bottles each 10ml, which you can purchase here(Worldwide Shipping).

Photo at the very end of the article of the Process creating it.


Evolution of our Rose. First before adding our salts, immediately after adding them, and what she looks like after 2-3days of incubation.

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A sweet post. A part from the subtle high, what would you recommend this tincture for? 💚 damascena roses!!!

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@artemislives I have a section dedicated to the rose and the properties that are listed there all apply to how this tincture would work on your body and your self.

Physically it is great for the Circuclatory System of the Body. Great Tonic for Cardiovsacular health.

On a mental level, it balances out the functioning of the brain in how it processes information. Permitting the registration, storing and retrieval of information to work harmoniously and smoothly. Allowing the mind to relax, yet function at optimal level, sharp and clear.

On a soul level, it is nurturing, it aligns you with your heart space, allowing you to act from your heart instead of from your mind.
A great healer of emotional trauma, or for processing strong and intense emotions.

@sagescrub I am trying to get @ravenking13 to list on HSCO... don't these look GORGEOUS!!!!

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@riverflows I registered and got all approval emails, but when I click on "Become a Vendor" it just gives me a blank page! Was going to write an email to HSCO to get that issue sorted haven't had the time yet :)


Oh, I bet @sagescrub will help when he sees this! :)

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