Ankol Tree: The tree with supernatural power to cure rat bites and dog's bite and can make you invisible and let you see ghosts with eyes!

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Today's article is one of the wonders of mine! You can't believe is there any plants that can be such effective to cure rabies or snake bites. But before I start one thing I want to clear that all the facts are taken from internet and ancient books still some facts are present in secret ways that could only be explored when you read those Sanskrit texts. If you believe knowledge is thing to be shared then you are most welcome ! But still I will recommend you to take suggestions of any ayurvedic doctors before using any of its feature. The reason is that the living application of this tree has become a history. May be some places specially near Himalayan village uses this as a cure because India is diverse country. Though it is available but due to modern medicinal application we are not using this regularly.

(source: Wikipedia: Original Ankol tree image)

How I came to know about this Tree?

Last year while reading few ancient Hindu tantrik book on the internet. I encounter​ a supernatural plant's description. That's being used by tantrik of ancient. Please don't ask me that whether I tried or not? I will never ever try such things specially for seeing ghosts. I am also a science student and if there comes any need I will try it against dogs bite but still that will be primary treatment that I will prefer. And who knows this might have those power and that's why it is written in so many ancient books. So, by name I searched on internet which was written Ankol.

Ankol tree

Just like my previous post, I am trying to write more such secretes which may not be available on internet.

Mystery starts

There are two types of Ankol species that basicay exist in Himalayan. Both species show extremely alternate vegetative behaviour. One species small size growing in different season while another one is like a tree.
Its biological name is Alangium salviifolium, is sage-leaved flowering plant that belongs to the Cornaceae family. In India it is called by different name in different regions or state for example; Ankolam in Malayalam, Ankola in Kannada, Akola or Ankol in Hindi and Alanji in Tamil. In India, It is basically found in plainer dry regions and low hills area.
This plant in Ayurveda has huge medical uses.
It is used in treatments of hemorrhoids, rheumatic arthritis, loose stools, herpes, blood disorders etc.
This tree's every part is useful but commonly people uses its seeds and bark of stem. Its seed are used by athelete to increase their physical endurance and stamina.
Ankol oil is beneficial in itching and eczema. Ankol oil can stop bleeding due to any injury with a miraculous speed.

What recent study says?

Various research studies have shown that Ankol has significant anticancer, antitumor, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties. Due to wide range of medicinal properties, Ankol (Alangium Salvifolium) is used for epilepsy, pain disorders, and inflammatory diseases. It is a miraculous tree. The Ankol oil, whole fruits and root bark are more beneficial.

Why I said this as supernatural tree?

Here comes naturalmedicine:

According to ancient Hindu text Vagbhata, Ankol is used in treatment of Animals bite. The paste made of Ankol root bark and goat urine should be applied on the rat bite. In addition to its application, Ankol root bark can be eaten by patient thrice a day until rat bite fever and other respective symptoms disappear. In case of any rashes, then Ankol oil can also be used for local application.

If there happens any Dog Bite, Ankol root bark powder should be mixed with cow’s milk and given to the patients 2 to 3 times daily. According to another ancient ayurvedic texts Brihad Kashyapa, Ankol can be highly effective even in case of snake bites.

You can see ghosts by Ankols oil!

• According to an ancient Hinduism book "Mantramaharnava", If you burn a lamp with a fuel of ankol's oil. In the light of that you can see terrifying ghosts that fly in space. This should is to be practiced at night.
This point forced me think that for ghosts gravity and oxygen are not any big issue. I will write some more deep things someday.
I don't claim this. It is written in that book. You can search this on internet of twelve chapter.
If you fails, in that case believe there might be some another species of same genus that can do this miracle.

• According to that text if you drop a sphere of "thriloha"(an unknown form of iron) in the oil of Ankol and take this sphere in mouth than you will become invisible. Amazing! Is n't it!

Hope you enjoy this! Read such post on tag naturalmedicine intiated by @naturalmedicine!


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Very interesting post @saun. In one of my posts synchronicity was mentioned and this is definitely the case here. I need to find a natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. Then here is your posting.

I am featuring you in Week 79 - Pay It Forward Curation Contest

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Thanks Gentleman!@teyskele for your support. I did a bit editing so that it can become more interesting.
I was thinking to delete this post yesterday.

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Good thing you didn't. Straight forward is usually the way to go, in my opinion. You included enough to make it interesting and makes me want to look into it more. Good job !

I would have thought that as a science student you would be curious to try it and experience your own empirical evidence of what is being described.


Gentleman! I tried one experiment of meditation and it worked a bit. But still I have to stop that. And I wrote an article about proving kundalini awakening in lab. That incident forced me to believe those books. So, I believe those book. Application of tantra and Ghost are one of fearful work.

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I have never heard of it, but that is fascinating! Really interesting, especially that it came from old Indian texts.

Some people put the link to their sourced texts underneath, which can be useful to others.

That title is awesome.. albeit very long haha! I want to try it so I can see ghosts!!!

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Thanks Gentleman! That's why I wanted it expose this plant just like Moringa tree. But ,I was not lucky then.
I will try to write another article of this same tree, so that it can just match up @naturalmedicine contest.

As per the text reference,It was written in Sanskrit and in next article I will surely mention that one!
Actuslly, I want to add few more images but Partiko cheated me. It started misbehaving again.
Moreover, I am a little author, so it is always the case that except me no one read this article. No good exposure, so sometimes post are created like this.
Actually, I read nearly 25 such books and have lot many things to tell but steemit is not the right place!

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Oh, by the way.. Im not a gentleman. I am a woman.. just saying thanks, @riverflows, is nice 🤗

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OK! Thanks @riverflows! I always wanted to do something for community. So, is there any curation trail of yours. If so, where and how I can contribute to that.

You said membership and promotions post where to place the link?

Actually, Last year I promised a Gentleman to take part in their trail but since after that when I woke up on steemit, 7 months had already passed. I loosed their contact. I was winner of lot many SBI contests then.
So, could you please elaborate that!
Thank you!

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