Hello From Blooming Wild (Also known as Walkerland).



Well, hello there friends! I've missed you.

After an extended break I am super excited to be back online and eager to find out who is still active. I look forward to catching up on all the news. I am sorry I vanished so abruptly this summer. The past months have been very challenging and also EXCITING!

I recently started the business I've been taking about and dreaming about for years. Something happened and the freebird in me finally broke loose and got me to take the leap.

Introducing Blooming wild Botanicals


If you know me you'll get the many different facets of our name.

Our world is one in which we work with wild and cultivated plants every day. Nature is something we are completely immersed into and besotted with.

Blooming Wild takes our connection with nature and bottles it up into products we can share with the world.

We make high quality bath, body & skincare products infused with timeless plant based ingredients grown and harvested locally, naturally, by us on our homestead. All natural, organic when possible and made with a deep love and respect for the ingredients and the world around us.

canadian glacial mineral salt gift pack3.jpg

Herb & botanical infused mineral bath salts - we use Canadian sourced pink salts, pristine ancient mineral crystals that come from the Canadian Prairies.

It's been a whirlwind couple of months to source ingredients that meet our standards, develop procedures, formulate and create products, write product descriptions, fill out copious government forms, take photographs, design labels, and all the other things we needed to do. Other than printing labels and cards everything has been done completely in house which I am proud of.

The writing needs some polish, as do the photographs and I know there are things I've yet to learn about running my own business but we feel pretty satisfied and things are off to a good start.


Canadian Coffee Salt Soap: An exfoliating soap with organic free trade coffee, cocoa and Canadian pink salt

If you'd like to take a peek you can find Blooming Wild online at

bloomingwild.ca The site just went live ...if you notice issues please tell me!!
Blooming Wild on Etsy

I missed you!

As things settle into a routine and the big tasks get done there is a sense of balance coming back to our lives that's been missing for a while. I am so eager to connect, chat and have some social time again. I've missed my friends and often wonder about everyone.

I am sure there are been big changes, I could not keep up with the basics before with tokens and such so ... It will be a while before I am ready to start diving into the "technical" what's new. For now I just want to know about the people!!

I'm back in hopes of re-connecting with people I've missed dearly while I've been away and my dear steemit sisters @riverflows, @goldenoakfarms, @trucklife-family and who else is still hanging around? Please say Hi, I'd love to hear from you.

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Oh, it is good to hear about all you've been up to these months! I am delighted to hear you made a good start! I can not imagine you would have done otherwise, as everything you do is just right and beautiful. :))

I am looking forward to new posts and hearing about life on your homestead.


The business has taken over my house, my fridge is full of carrots (didn't manage to get them cold stored in boxes), we have two happy hens, the dogs are grounded because they ate something rotten in the woods and threw up all over the house, I finally got x-rays on my back but it could be weeks before I get the results (still don't have a doctor because I am on a list with 50.000 other people ahead of me), the transmission blew on the truck so we have no vehicle for a while (hey - that happened last year as well right?) and that's about it in a nutshell.


Oh my! All over the house! Ewwww!

And I thought the doctor thing was bad here! We both have to find a new doctor, the3rd for me, 2nd for him, in the last 2 years. Ours left practice. That's what the others have done, stopped practicing.

Bummer about the truck! We'd be lost right now w/o ours!

But hey! The business is doing well!

She lives! The store looks awesome! 😍


Well, the Etsy does, anyways. The actual website says it redirected too many times and gives my Android chrome app an error. Womp.


Thanks for telling me - I really appreciate it. I'll have to figure out what the heck I missed. I've been working on it day and night for four days and I don't have a cell phone to do usability testing with.


Yes ma'am! Happy to be the mobile guinea pig. :)

Oh gosh, I missed you so much!!!! First of all, use the tag #lotusstore. I'll explain why when you catch up. Yes, we're still around, and we keep wondering when you will return! Hoping the winter sees you in full Steem mode again - or at least once a week! Oh, and the other thing? You have to post on www.naturalmedicine.io now, or you get slaps from @riverflows... :P

Love you - want to hear ALL about your life and your business and herbs and everything!!! xxx


I just logged in - so cool! I've missed everyone so much - can't wait to catch up.

This is so exciting @walkerland! Congrats on the new business venture (I am not a bit surprised!) I'll have to check out your website :) So glad to see you're back!


Hello @birdsinparadise, and thank you. I look forward to catching up and reading your wonderful health infused foodie posts again.

Great news! And from a Canadian company! I'll be checking out your goods and it is so good to see you back on Steem! I missed my fellow Canadian and loved following what you were doing on your homestead!
Hoping for many happy and prosperous years for you!


Thank you @porters, waking up to see your message (and all the messages here) from people I've come to treasure has been so wonderful.

This has been such a weird year, we had the worst garden so I feel like I have so little homesteady info to even write about which is part of why I just stopped writing. I needed to step back and give myself time to think about my direction as a blogger, as a homesteader, and everything else!

I am so glad you are still here, I have missed you!!

Well, hello stranger! So you swoop back in with amazing news too! Everything is looking beautiful and I hope you go from strength to strength with this.

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Hello! Hello! So glad to see your name pop up. Can't wait to sit down and read through your blog to catch up. It's been too long.

Hello beautiful, oh we have missed you, it is so good to see you back on here and to hear about your new business, it looks amazing. I love the website it is really easy to navigate and all your products look so good, I could literally smell them as I read the descriptions xxxxxx


Thank you and I've really missed you. So glad to be back. xx

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