Nature is Amazing in Small and Big Ways

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Have you ever seen a frost flower? These amazing, natural and ephemeral ice creations show up when the conditions are just right. I love finding them when a frost hits and I'm out early in the morning.

A frost flower forms when the water in a piece of dead plant material starts to freeze and is pushed out of say a dead stem. As the ice is pushed out it makes these delicate structures that look a bit like flowers--hence the name frost flowers.

When you walk around in the right conditions you will see these frost flowers sitting on the ground--they really stand out and look like little bright white flowers.

For me these little frost flowers are an example of just how amazing nature is. From big to small there is just so much in the natural world to be amazed by.

So how has nature amazed you? What have you seen that has really stood out to you? Please leave a reply--I would love to hear from you!

This post was inspired by a great thread on titled Amazing Nature - what has wowed you lately?


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Frost flowers are so pretty. I am about done with cold weather though!


Frost flowers are so
Pretty. I am about done
With cold weather though!

                 - riverflows

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


The cold is just getting started here! :) But this time of year is when I get a lot of my prep for spring done so I enjoy it.