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Kidney Stones:-

Kidneys are the organs of our urinary system which is responsible for regulation of levels of fluid, salts and minerals of the body. Kidney stones are small accumulations of salts and minerals that form inside the kidney and pass down through the urinary tract. The stones usually comprises of uric acid and cystine. The stones may be as small as of few millimeters or greater than that. It is reported that about 5% of the people tend to develop such a condition in their life time. The various risk factors include dehydration, genetical and family history or any other medical conditions.
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  • Apparently, the kidney stones of smaller sizes are painless until the grow in size and travel down the ureter or bladder. The movement and size of the stone causes severe onset of pain. The usual sites of pain are lower back, abdomen and sides which sometimes include cramps.
  • Urine might also contain blood. In case of infection, the patient might suffer from fever and chills. Medical help is suggested subsequently in the event of such symptoms.
  • The stones which are of size 5mm have a probability of 20% passing out on their own whereas, the stones greater in size than 5mm have 80% chances of being cleared with the help of medical surgery.
  • Excess weight might also relate to kidney stones. Medications like acetazolamide and indinavir might also lead to the formation of kidney stones.

Natural Remedies:

Drink plenty of fluids which not only detoxify the body but also helps passing out the stones and prevent the formation of new ones. The natural remedies are listed below but in case of pregnancy or breast feeding use with caution and consult the doctor before using as it might cause a side effect for the infant.


Observe the colour of the urine. Dark yellow colour is the sign of dehydration which might lead to formation of kidney stones. Thus, it is recommended to drink plenty of water(8-12 glasses a day).
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Lemon juice:

Add freshly squeezed lemons to lukewarm water. Citrate present in the lemons help prevent kidney stones. The latter also breaks down the already present stones.
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Basil juice:

Acetic acid present in the basil helps reduce stones and relieves the pain. It also decreases the uric acid levels thereby, reducing risk of future stones. U may add basil to tea or make juice or add it to the smoothie. Use it cautiously as the extended use of basil may decrease the blood pressure and sugar and increase the bleeding.
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Apple cider vinegar:

Add 2 tablespoons with 6-8 ounces of pure water. Drink this mixture throughout the day. Do not exceed this mixture more than 8 ounces as it may lead to osteoporosis. People with diabetes must use this with caution and keep a check on the blood sugar level periodically.
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Celery juice:

This clears away the toxins that leads to the formation of stones and helps pass out the stones. Don’t drink this mixture if the patient suffer from bleeding disorder or low blood pressure.
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Pomegranate juice:

It helps in lowering the urine acidity level and thus reduces the risk of kidney stone formation. This juice can be drunk throughout the day. It also helps in combating the problem of anemia.
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Kidney beans:

The broth from cooked kidney beans are nutritious as well as helpful for urinary and kidney health.
If the patient experiences pain, over-the-counter drugs may be used as pain relievers such as acetaminophen, naproxen and ibuprofen.

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