From the base of the Angel Falls

5개월 전


Photo taken from the base of the Angel Falls, where you can feel the force of the falling water, this is really a place full of energy.

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Thanks, the energy in that place is really overwhelming.

Jesus man, you could earn a lot of money if you can usually photograph this beautiful place: Is it close to where you live?

You should definitely try some websites that pay for your photos or AT LEAST subscribe to unsplash.


This is in the same state where I live, but the only way to get there is by plane and is very expensive, but I used to work there and I have photos of all those beautiful places, so I will try unsplash but I don't know nothing about it.


How many dollars to get there?

Omg is awesome!!! Surely it would look great as a wallpaper 👍.


Thanks my friend.

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