The mountain of RINJANI

3년 전


Mount Rinjani is one of the beautiful mountains in Indonesia, the beautiful natural beauty of the dazzling scenery, making Rinjani Mountain is one of the favorite of climbers to try to feel the beauty and comfort of climbing Rinjani Mountain.


baground mount Rinjani ever made a movie about mountain rinjani, which tells a jekasih who is fascinated with the beauty of rinjani mountain ..
incredible natural beauty of the mountain rinjani ..

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Wow, beautiful landscape !

tha nature is the mos beautiful thing! good photo

tha nature is the mos beautiful thing! good photo

Sangat indah pemandangannya...saya sangat suka dengan keindahan alam...@alexandrya..jangan lupa follow steemit saya y..

  ·  3년 전

Nice photos. This view is wonderful.