Hamilton Pool, Austin TX

2년 전

Here's a quick zap I snapped with my phone at one of the many beautiful #nature spots in Austin. It was gorgeous, but because of high bacteria on that day, there was no swimming allowed so we just walked around but it was an awesome setting

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Finally a "nature" tag post! haha glad to see it filled. Looks beautiful!


😀 It was! I have so many more, I might share a few more soon to make room for all the ones I'm getting ready to take!

Hey man! Don't tell nobody about that spot. It used to be one of the best kept secrets in Austin. Now everybody wants to go! Same thing with Blue Hole and Jacob's Well.


@harleymechanix is this where all the noodies go ?


that would be hippie hollow


Yup Hippie Hollow and Barton Springs.

That's too bad you weren't able to go swimming. Do they test the water every day to see what the bacteria levels are? What causes the rise in bacteria there?

I really like your post

I still haven't made it out there yet. I definitely need to take a day off in the middle of the week and check it out.