Across The Beutong Plains - Takengon, Stopover at Krueng Isep Tourist Attraction

3년 전

Krueng Isep located in Beutong, Nagan Raya District is not only rich in natural stone but has a unique and cool place to visit while eliminating saturation.

Krueng Isep is very appropriate to put your feet in the cold water, other than that not just high mountain views and cold mountain water that can be enjoyed, you can try to find small chunks of agate and jade around the periphery of Krueng Isep. Good luck…!

Traveling to Krueng Isep can be done alone. But you will miss an unforgettable experience in your life if you do not invite the dear ones to enjoy the charm of Krueng Isep. Just imagine, when you and your beloved are sitting on the grass looking at the clean sky bathed in millions of stars in the sky clean, unexpectedly floating jade so that it can be an additional dowry, Imagine. All that is a very enjoyable experience if you enjoy it, right?

That's all and thank you.
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