Bird Photography #2

3년 전

this weekend was a three day weekend and perfect for my bird photography. I spent more time outside than inside. we got some bird seed and it attracted all kinds of birds and even some that I've never seen before. the birds that I saw ranged from woodpeckers to chickadees to wrens and I'll be writing about them below.DSC_0117.JPG
(Baeolophus bicolor) Tufted Titmouse (left) (Poecile atricapillus) Black Capped Chickadee (right)
This is the biggest number of blue jays I've seen all standing together (Cyanocitta cristata). They were sitting and eating when I saw the first one, than all of a sudden I see 2 more fly into the frame.
(Junco hyemalis) Dark eyed Junco. This is the first time I've ever seen one. But he was not alone, he brought 4 others with him to the feast.

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Great shots, the Blue Jays came out really colorful ! Also, very cool to include their Scientific names as well.




Thanks, I followed you back.

ow! Blue jays are so cute!