An Old Fort!

2개월 전

Hey everyone, have you heard of Wonderboom, a Tree 1000 years old, seen many great wars, sunrises and sets and looking as gorgeous as ever, check my post featuring this epic tree here.

This Tree is at the foot of the epic mountain in the video that myself gorgeous child and his Mom recently hiked. At the top of this mountain an epic fort built by the boers decades ago.


Here I took a video of the fort and surrounds..

How they lugged all that heavy steel and mortar up this mountain years ago given that it took us an hour and a half to ascend, amazes me!

At the end Jesse my gorgeous son having a little moan after which he fell asleep on the hike all the way back down.

I trust you have an incredible weekend.

Love and light. Be blessed.

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We have a very old one in Krugersdorp right in the middle of KeyWest Shopping mall. I cannot wait for the beautiful Jackarandas to bloom in October again. Need to pay the monuments in Pretoria a visit, thanks for sharing this. Enjoy a great weekend.