The Epic Honey Season Begins!

2개월 전

Hey everyone, three odd years ago when I moved into this amazing plot in Pretoria East, I never knew my life would change so drastically for the better as it has.

One of the first things I did when I moved here was approach my landlord about his 1 hive (that has bees working it and had for years) not managed or harvested, for us to do something with it, and so we did.



My Mom has been a bee-keeper on and off for 30 odd years so I guess it runs in the blood, my landlord jumped at my suggestion and so a mere 3 years later we have 4 sites with around 30 massively productive swarms and with spring approaching, so too the beginnings of another epic honey season.


Here we are at site 3 our newly procured site with lock stock and barrel 4 strong swarms and 4 really old buggered bee-hives, which we plan to transplant into new boxes soonest.


Above Wynand my landlord and partner 70 years young fitter and stronger than me inspecting the bees.

These were placed on this rock to keep away from honey badgers, monkeys and baboons in the mountains a mere 500 metres north. We plan to remove these to another of our apiaries re-hive and then bring back 5 more hives to this really good area and return to the mountain, however housed in these hives but strapped down in cages to prevent the 'Wild African critters' getting to them.


One amazing thing about bee-keeping in Africa, are the incredible views, all our sites have amazing surises and sunsets, such a Welcome bonus!

thumbnail_20200801_180913 1.jpg

A shameless pic my landlord took of me in utter celebration and joy of our recent success.


Nature the incredible, I trust you have an amazing Tuesday. Love and light and be blessed.


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