Rhododendron Garden Tour: Low Growing Plants [19 Photos]



Hope you are enjoying photos of the gardens I have been sharing. In this set I have a collection of interesting low-growing plants that I found growing under and around the various rhododendron trees.

Many of these plants are flowering and non-spreading. This makes them ideal accent plants to cover bare ground along the sides of paths. They can become a welcomed corner for guests to stop and kneel to sniff the nectar or take a closer look. Insect lovers will love these plants as they attract a variety of rare pollinators throughout the day.

All of these photographs are my own. I had collected these photos last year (April 2019) when I visited the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden in Portland, Oregon.


Most of the varieties I am not sure of the name or variety. This one looks like Berginia to me. They are known for the tightly clustered stems of candy colored flowers. White petals with pink and red centers make this flower unique variety from others in its family.



This one seemed like a very good shady woodland ground cover to me. The flowers were so bright, they magnified the tiny amounts of sunlight into brilliant white trumpet center petals.

Let me know if you know the name of this plant.





This one below, I recognize as Pulmonaria. Speckled white on leaves. Clusters of magenta flowers that become blue.



A hardy violet growing between the stones and cement. It likely grows well here as the rain water flushes through this crevice and drains out into the river.




Above, these are the creeping-like vines that spread along the rock walls. They put on a nice display of flowers to soften up the rugged wall.


More pulmonaria surrounding above a plant with variaged silver faced leaves.


A taller ground cover plant with tender fragile parts. Delicate white flowers that will dance in the slightest wind.


Grasses fascinate me sometimes. The ornamental varieties will often have a seed head that looks like a soft paintbrush. Some of these seed heads resembled soft downy fur. The wind will help carry the seeds far away, and fan the blades of grass to move in a meandering way.




Thank you for viewing my collection of photos.

There are many more photos in this collection I will be soon releasing, and I have categorized them by topic.

Rhododendron Garden Tour

As always, comments are welcome below.

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The last flower I thought was from Okra's

Great photos!
It seems to me that in photo No. 3 the plant is called Myosótis, but which one I can’t say.
But I could be wrong.

Impressed by your enthusiasm for gardening

This post has been appreciated and featured in daily quality content rewards. Keep up the good work

These are very pretty! Thank you for sharing these pictures.
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