From Plastic To Fuel: Solving The Ocean Plastic Pollution With STORH


From plastic to fuel: solving the ocean plastic pollution with STORH.

If you care about the environment, this is a MUST SEE! Help save our planet, please like & share if you support STORH in solving the ocean plastic pollution! In this video the STORH CEO Ryan Messer explains how his company will solve the world's plastic problem. It warms my heart to know and see that I'm helping to make the world a better place.
Not only will STORH solve the plastic crisis, you can even become a stakeholder (and thus help to support this amazing company) in this revolutionary energy and resource holding company from €50 and earn a passive income from the quarterly dividends of the STORH crypto you own: Register here ➤ Don’t forget to smash that like button & subscribe ❤ More info below the video ⮯

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Did you know that approximately 10–20 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans each year? A recent study estimated that 5.25 trillion plastic particles weighing a total of 268,940 tons are currently floating in the world’s oceans.
The weight of plastic produced in 1 YEAR is equal to the total weight of all people on our ENTIRE PLANET!

Introducing STORH: A Token specifically focused on solving the world’s plastic waste problem like the plastic crisis through converting waste plastic into high quality fuel using the innovative and ultra-clean Polystream Process.

7.7 billion people are living on Earth.
Global energy consumption has never been higher.
Plastic garbage is filling our oceans, rivers, and landfills. Our oceans are dying!
Abandoned open-pit mines poison our environment and our children.

What is the Solution?

Using the PolyStream plastic-to-fuel process, each plant will be capable of processing up to 100,000 pounds of plastic per day and thus solving the plastic problem.
The target is to have 100 plants up-and-running globally over the next few years, which means STORH will be able to process as much as 4535 tons of waste plastic per day which means significant estimated returns.

This is your opportunity to take a stake in an energy and resource holding company. With an ever growing population requiring endless amounts of energy, the existing world supply is decreasing. Therefore demand for energy will only increase and STORH will be a player in providing part of the solution and now you can profit from this.

STORH Whitepaper:
Buy STORH Tokens

What Is STORH Token?

STORH is a token that is backed 100% by real world energy assets. Tokenization is a revolutionary new process where real-world assets become digital tokens on the blockchain.
STORH aims to bring off-market opportunities generally not accessible to non-private equity investors to the average investor.

STORH will be at the forefront of the new era capitalizing on sustainable and renewable energy and mineral resource projects while implementing breakthrough technologies for the benefit of its stakeholders and humanity. Each project STORH undertakes will also have a remediation project that seeks to leave the environment on par or better than it was found.

The revenue and growth divisions of STORH include a broad range of natural resources, legacy energy resources, patented environmental remediation technologies, and sustainable technology & services

How To Buy STORH Token?

STORH tokens can be purchased directly from as little as €50 here.
You may choose to become an affiliate of Utopian Global and purchase STORH tokens at a deeper discount and in addition you can also earn free STORH tokens through the recommendation of the product to others.

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