Daily Nature Fix: Alaska by Sea. (Original Photos)

2년 전

Hi guys. Happy Friday. Yesterday's Daily Nature Fix about whales had me browsing through our photos from last month's trip to Alaska which, in turn, has inspired tonight's post. I'll be sharing several landscapes that were captured while on the ship, or smaller boats. The state has SO much beauty to see, but I do feel some of the best is viewed by sea.

^^^If I'm remembering correctly, this is Reid Glacier which was passed right at the beginning of Glacier Bay National Park. There's only a few of these ice rivers that terminate right at the water of the bay. This was one of them. At the rate that some of these glaciers are receding, I feel fortunate to see them while I could.

^^^I'm not certain where some of these photos were taken, like this one. I'm pretty sure this was taken while we were going through the northwest passage. I liked the valley in this photo. While there is still a small bit of glacier remaining, you can almost picture how it filled the entire area between ridges once upon a time.

^^^This was taken north of Ketchikan somewhere. While the mountains weren't as towering and dramatic as some of the others, I liked how there was still a lot of green coniferous trees around. Most of trees in this area were black spruce.

^^^No idea where this taken along our route. It was just about dusk and the sun was low to the horizon, casting some cool light onto the surrounding peaks. It's awesome when an entire mountains glows like that.

^^^This last one isn't all about landscapes. It was in Auke Bay right towards the end of our whale watching tour (the same one from yesterdays post). At one point, the humpback whales we were observing dove deep. They can go down for over 10 minutes, so we hung out for a while hoping they would return in the same area and didn't take off. Our wait paid off because they resurfaced no more than 10 meters from us. This photo is right when one re-emerged and spouted all of the from its blow hole. You know when you hold your breath for a long time and when you're done, you release all of the air you were holding? That's exactly what they do; sending gallons of water into the air.

Thanks for reading! I try to post a nature-themed Daily Nature Fix blog every day. Please upvote if you enjoyed it and resteem if you found it especially interesting! Be sure to follow me @customnature so you'll never miss out on your nature fix! See you tomorrow. - Adam

*** These daily blogs showcase the natural world. It is all original content using photos, stories, and experiences from my own travels. ***

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You are doing great job taking these pictures, expecially the waters and its educative

Well done!

All of your photos are amazing and Alaska is very beautiful, I always see the programs on Alaska that air on the Discovery Channel, like Alaska: primitive men.


I'm going to look into that show. I never heard of it!


You should, it's very good! 🤩

Whaaaatt! Crazy landscape ! Mind blowing that’s for sure. I’ve gotta go to Alaska soon, I had a small fix of glaciers when in NZ and Switzerland but Alaska will be something else. The water looks so beautiful, I wonder how warm it gets in the summer there.
One of my favourite documentaries is about this man who moves to Alaska and builds a log cabin there, and documents his process, it’s an older documentary but I can’t think of the name right now...


Haha, I love your comments. But yeah, Alaska is a crazy place. It has somewhere around 100,000 glaciers. lol I've heard someone else mention that documentary.. I'm going to need to find it.