Daily Nature Fix: Animals in Iceland. Pt 1. (Original Photos)

4년 전

Hi folks. Tonight's Daily Nature Fix is going to be about one of the best things on Earth: animals; in one of the best places on Earth: Iceland. When I think I of Iceland, wildlife isn't one of the main things that come to mind. BUT, looking back over the photos of our five trips...maybe it should be. I have so many animal photos that I couldn't even fit it into one post! Anyway, let's see some cool critters:

^^^Okay, I have a LOT of photos of sheep and that's because there are a LOT of sheep in Iceland. Something like 800,000 of the little buggers. compare that to the 300,000 people and you have almost 3 sheep for every person. This sheep photo is one of the most memorable for me though. It was on our first trip there and we were hiking a skinny trail to find a hidden waterfall. I came around a big rock (which you can see in the foreground of the photo) and these two were RIGHT there looking at me. I did not expect it at all and it scared the shit out of me.

^^^This bird with the colorful face parts is called an oystercatcher. The glaring red eyes and brilliant orange beak sure do catch your attending when they fly around. We found a lot of them on the island of Videy, right outside of Reykjavik. Despite their name, I think a lot of their diet is worms and mussels. Actually, I don't know if they eat oysters at all.

^^^While we're talking about birds, here's a family of Icelandic swans taking in the scenery. They're called "whooper swans" and are one of the longest lived varieties; up to 30 years! They're also monogamous, so they pair for life. I love those little babies in there!

^^^Last, we have a real icon of Iceland: the Icelandic Horse. These guys are also everywhere you go. There's an estimated 80,000 of them to be seen; and seen they like to be. They are very friendly. If you go up to pretty much any fence and the horses are nearby, they will come over to visit. I've heard Iceland is very serious and strict about maintaining the purity of their breed. Once a horse leaves the island, they are not allowed to return. The sure do have some sweet hairdos though.

Thats all for now. Look for a part 2 in the future. I haven't even gotten to the puffins, seals, or whales!

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*** These daily blogs showcase the natural world. It is all original content using photos, stories, and experiences from my own travels. ***

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They are beautiful animals! the sheep are very stealthy, I love horses.
Oh the Irish then they are very jealous with their animals
Beautiful landscape Adam.

What a lovely place, green grass and happy animals.

Iceland is on the top of my "to do" list for years but I haven't been able to visit, so far. Today you gave me some more reasons to try a bit harder :)
Thank you!


Oh man, do it. Just watch out... it's easy to become addicted, like we have.

Nice. Did you see any puffins ? (not sure if they even have them there ?)


Yup! They have some massive puffin colonies actually. The puffins and whales and such will be on part 2. It just started getting late lol.


Cool. I have never seen one so I am always keen to see photos of puffins.